CLEOPATRA-LIKE….with the roses

Rose show 1

The soft glow of candlelight dances in the shadows. Sweet, evocative scent fills the room. Soft music, serene, soothing, soulful sounds play in time to the swirling shadows. Rainbow reflections shimmer in the finely etched crystal glass filled with a delicately pink ambrosia. Whispers of silk slip and fall in a tumble  to the marbled floor covered in thousands of petals – pink, yellow, red, ivory, white, crimson, gold. Elegantly, she steps into the large round bath filled with milk covered in more petals. Roses. Cleopatra slides, sighing, into the exotic softness….


Did you know that Cleopatra had her rooms strewn with rose petals?  I am sure that forever after, whenever Marc Anthony saw or smelled a rose, he was transported to her chambers.

Roses are so much more than pretty to look at and smell. Did you know that there’s lots of other ways you can use rose petals ? You too can create a Cleopatra-like experience for yourself. Here’s some recipes  –

Rose and Lavender Bath

Soaking in a soothing rose bath is the perfect way to spend a romantic evening with your partner or to wash away the stress of the day. The rose’s natural, aromatic fragrance combined with lavender will have a calming effect on your mind ….

Rose Petal Face Pack

This face mask is especially good for those with sensitive skin…. 

Cool Rose Juice

Here is an updated elixir made with cardamom that will do more than quench your thirst….

Rose Water

This is a great refreshing and cooling spray to use on your face and body during hot summer days…

Rose Petal Bath Salts

These rose petal bath salts make a really special homemade gift or a wonderful and relaxing present for yourself….

Did you know 

that the largest rose ever measured about 33 inches in diameter

that the largest living rose in Tombstone Arizona has over 200,000 blossoms. It is a white Rosa banksiae.

that the longest living rose  was first documented in 815AD in Hildesheim, Germany It is a wild dog rose, or Rosa canina.

that the oldest fossilized imprint of a rose found in Florissant, Colorado is probably  35 million years old.

that one rose hip can have up to 40 – 50 seeds.

that a rose was sent to space to test the effect of low gravity on fragrance

that it takes 82 kg of roses—about 60,000 flowers—to make 28 ml of pure rose oil.

that the highest concentration of fragrance is in the rose petal.

pink 1

© Raili Tanska

Thanks to Nam H Ngyuen who nominated me for another 3 day quote challenge.

This is Day 2 of my second round

Simple rules for this challenge are to post 1 – 3 quotes a day for three days.

And pass the challenge on to 3 others. I like to tweak the rules! Here’s my nomination for today :  earl of southampton’s cat


10 thoughts on “CLEOPATRA-LIKE….with the roses

  1. Very well done, the beginning got me hooked right off the bat. It all blended together like a perfect painting, you Mona Lisad it. I would really like your opinion on a few of my stories at gastradamus. The topics are edgy and witty and I need smart writers like yourself to join the fun l, if your free and you can do me a solid then I will do the same for you.

  2. So romantic and sensual! How I miss the bath:-P. But Cool Rose Juice sounds like something I could try, I never knew that roses can stretch this far. Great piece of info, about my favourite flowers:-)

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