As soon as we walked in the perfume scented air wrapped itself around us.

Magical, the Abracadabra one. Bold, bright, multi-coloured pop.  

She certainly stood out in the crowd.

Years ago, my neighbour invited her to stay but alas she would not.

I was delighted to find her again. But not at all confident of inviting her to come to ours.



Then the brilliant glint of gold beckoned us. She was beautiful, this one. Her name was Friesia.

She will come home to live with us in a few months time.  I so look forward to it.

tom thumb

Meet Tom Thumb.

The Autumn Rose Show was a magnificent display of roses in all colours, sizes and shapes.

“Never would I allow my size to define me. Instead I would define it.” 
The Autobiography of Mrs. Tom Thumb


marilyn monroe

Meet Marilyn Monroe. 

“I just want to be wonderful.” Marilyn Monroe

I believe in roses. Oh God, yes! I do believe in roses!

And I believe in lots and lots and lots of them, too!”  C. JoyBell C.

Soul sister

© Raili Tanska


Thanks to Nam H Ngyuen who nominated me for another 3 day quote challenge.

Yes – another one!

So this is Day 1 of my second round

Simple rules for this challenge are to post 1 – 3 quotes a day for three days.

And pass the challenge on to 3 others. I like to tweak the rules!

Here’s my nomination for today simply because he posts the most beautiful photos of roses :  v4vikey


19 thoughts on “ABRACADABRA

    1. I can still smell them – they had a perfume competition too. I might post a photo of the one I chose as having the best perfume. Whichever one wins becomes the peoples’ choice for 2016

      1. They are often bred for the looks. ALthough our local rose breeders seem to be working on bringing the scent back. I have chosen 12 standards for our front yard. Eight of them have excellent perfume grading.

      2. Now that would have been awesome at the show. Unfortunately the venue didn’t cater for that. At home – yes, definitely ! Our tree pergola will be surrounded by roses on three sides.In my future I perceive aroma, view, a good book, glass of wine and some stinky cheese

  1. Very beautiful. I love the rose Marilyn Monroe. Do You have there national costume? They are beautiful and guess if my newest post tells them. 🙂

    Happy Sunday!

    1. There were so many exquisite ones it was hard to know where to look first ! The scent was beautiful. We will be adding a dozen new standard roses to our front yard this year. Just preparing the beds for them now. Planting time will be in July.

    1. Oh, that sounds gorgeous. I have a purple one (bought) and I used to have a very deep red, almost black. She died many years ago unfortunately, but graced our garden for a long time. The scent was exquisite.

    1. Whyd don’t you take the photo to a paint shop. It’s amazing what they can do to replicate colours! My son has just ordered 1 can of spray paint for his old car to fix some scratches!

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