Thanks to AlluringEby who nominated me for a 3 day quote challenge.

Here’s Day 1 quotes.

I just got these  new shoes in the mail today so I thought it would be a good way to celebrate !

Simple rules for this challenge are to post 1 – 3 quotes a day for three days.

And pass the challenge on to three others :

© Raili Tanska


31 thoughts on “SHOES

  1. Well, my good lady wife took me to Adelaide central markets. First stop was, Honey and Soap Shoppe. This is a macho shop that smells. Funny there were some bufta males in it looking for sweet smelling stuff too. All cool. First thing happened is when I walked around a corner I hit the back of my hand on a display stand.
    I got an under the skin bleed. All cool so far. So we had lunch. Very nice. During lunch I noticed my hand was swelling like a balloon. Show this to my missus. From her handbag comes out 15 different oils to fix my hand. Anyway, my conclusion is that markets, and particularly Adelaide markets, are dangerous. And I will avoid them in the future.

    1. Thanks. I use Canva to create the designs. Very cool program – free to use. Can upload your own pictures or use theirs. Limited free ones, but still a reasonable selection. I use my own.

    1. Yeah – bit loud, huh !! I nearly took them off. And then reminded myself I am a proud member of the Purple Hat Brigade so I can wear what I damn well please – so they stayed and and went everywhere with me that day 🙂

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