Soul sister

Let me introduce you to Soul Sister. She is an exquisite rose.  Starting as a milky chocolate, coffee latte colour, she changes with age, to end as a soft lavender.   The photos in the poster below are all of the same rose bush.  A  floribunda  rose, she has what  is described as a mild tea fragrance. Her petal count is 30 – 35 with a flower size of 120mm. She has not stopped flowering all summer. Even now, as we head into mid autumn, her bush is full of milk chocolate buds, café latte ladies and soulful lavender matrons.

Soul Sister

And there she sits, in front of the ivy covered stump in the left foreground.  In the background are two rows of standard roses.  Behind them is our ornamental mulberry tree. The Retired Husband  (TRH)  has turned it into a  natural pergola. I always wanted a pergola in the front. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine it would end up being like this !  It is girded by a semicircular hedge that shields us from passers-by in the street. Interweaved into the branches is a fine misting hose which keeps us cool in the heat of summer. For about a month in early summer it is full of tiny mulberries. They make a juicy mess, attracting birds and other fauna. I do pick them to make mulberry jelly which I call liquid gold. Last summer the kids came up with a creative picking solution. Two of us held a sheet under the tree while one of them climbed onto the table top and shook the tree. A lot less tedious than handpicking a small cupful at a time.

mulberry pergola

This is a sneak peek at a bit of what I see through my office window when I sit and write my blog posts.  My little slice of heaven!

Day 6 of 7 day photo challenge nominated by

Michaela from When Life Gives  You Lemons

© Raili Tanska


22 thoughts on “SOUL SISTER

  1. First, I love her name! Second she is simply gorgeous….what a lovely yard you have with so many plants and flowers to enjoy daily. I love your little slice of heaven…so inspiring!

  2. What a lovely post, Raili. I felt a sense of peace settle around me as I read it, and your garden is beautiful.

  3. Now if I were sitting there, the first thing I’d think of is whether or not bugs were dropping down on me and crawling into the neck of my shirt! Can you tell I’m not an outdoorsy person??? 😮 It is beautiful, however. Just give me a wooden roof over my head. LOL

    1. Lol !!! But you miss out on the loveliness and connection with a beautiful tree 🙂 In defence of my tree and the wildlife it provides a home for, I have never had my personal space invaded in such a way !

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