The Gift

The Gift

CD poem inspired by  Nicola’s Book Spine Poetry 

Titles taken from the following artists’ CD’s – Tamarisone, The Staple Singers, Satchmo,

One Sound, Delta Goodrem, Russell Watson, Richard Godlsworthy, samjjana,

Jean-Pierre Garattoni, Sacred Earth, Medicine Woman


7-Day Photo Challenge nominated by Michaela from When Life gives you Lemons   Day 4

© Raili Tanska


7 thoughts on “The Gift

  1. Satchmo? Like Louis Armstrong? That was his nickname, right? The Jazz singer? That’s the only name I recognize. What a sweet poem. All the titles work to make it a beautiful piece.

    1. Yes, it is Louis Armstrong. A lot of the others a local small bands so their music would not be well known elsewhere. They did flow well together. Thanks for the tick of approval 🙂

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