©  Raili Tanska

I have written this in response to two challenges –

Lady Calen’s hunger theme Sandbox Challenge 33

 Thanks also to Michaela from When life Gives You Lemons

who has nominated me  for a 7-Day Photo Challenge. Today is Day 1.

This photo was taken one evening last week when the skies looked dark and pregnant with rain.

21 thoughts on “MELANCHOLY

  1. Your words have achieved the melancholy state. But am I glad to read “[she] let the sunshine back in”!

  2. Sorry Raili – it seems I’ve just sorted out my technical difficulty – I didn’t really think it would work. What I really wanted to say was how much I liked your poem, but I thought the words would disappear, as they have so many times before.
    🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. It can be. I wrote that poem some time ago as an entry to an e-magazine. However, it did not ‘fit’ in with the other submissions, so was not accepted. not sure how other people interpreted the prompt.

      1. I don’t know. All they said was that my entry did not ‘fit ‘ with the others. All had the same theme. I’ve not seen the magazine so not sure how the others handled it.

  3. Good Monday, to you, Raili. 🙂 Well done poem, and I am glad I have my wits about me today so I could play in the puzzle of letters you highlighted, and finally realize that they spelled your word for the day! Great fun!

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