Unsung heroes

Frail of build, small of stature a  lifetime  roiled with pain and crumbling bones toiling ceaselessly day in day out, years long earning. * Strong of heart and motivation guardian,  nurturer, protector, friend to the deprived, tortured, maimed or broken. * Heart and home entwined together oft’ travelling  hours long and lonely to be with … More Unsung heroes

Elmo’s Birthday

“Elmo! Elmo! I want to call him Elmo,”  Marc insisted  when asked for a name for his younger brother. Doesn’t matter what we said, he would not change his mind. Sesame Street was one of his favourite programs.  We had not long before accepted the offer of a little boy from the Philippines, our second … More Elmo’s Birthday

Printed Food

I was running late for work. Quickly, I pressed PRINT to start my breakfast of bacon eggs and toast as I ran past. By the time I was dressed, it was sitting, piping hot, in the out trays. Changing the cartridges to print lunch, I sat down to gulp down my breakfast. Lunch today was … More Printed Food

I’M A DETECTIVE – The Mystery Postcard

There was great excitement at No 14 next door. The long awaited parcel had finally arrived all the way from Amazonland in America somewhere.  Hands trembling with anticipation and excitement, he impatiently pulled off the wrapping from the weighty parcel. Although secondhand, it had cost him a pretty penny. In fact, postage had cost more … More I’M A DETECTIVE – The Mystery Postcard


Hey! It’s been a while. How are ya! she yelled out as she charged in the door, throwing her handbag down in the corner. Come here then, she said, holding her arms out wide for a hug. I wasn’t so sure about any of this. I hadn’t seen her for years. And here she was … More FRIENDS

A White Invasion

It was such a delightful way to start the day, watching two flocks of cockatoos descend into our neighbour’s tree and the empty block.  Cockatoos learn to talk and are very sociable, although they do have a tendency to nip. We met a very chatty one on Kangaroo Island late last year. He had a … More A White Invasion

My Gift to You

It started with a journey of 2,500 kilometres.  My sister gave it to me over 30 years ago.  I was so touched. He, The Retired Husband, said there was no way we could take it. Of course I disagreed.  We could. And we did. Three solid days of driving. Making sure it was safe. Making … More My Gift to You

Aphrodisia and Roses

She truly is a Goddess of Many Talents. Today we’ll have a sneak peek at just a few  : From The Kitchen Use in cocktails. Decorate cookies. Make rose-scented honey. Make edible blossoms  (not specifically roses, but many nice ideas). From Around the Web Rose Petal Jam 1– Emiko Davies Rose Petal Jam 2– Rose Petal Jam Candied … More Aphrodisia and Roses


  As soon as we walked in the perfume scented air wrapped itself around us. Magical, the Abracadabra one. Bold, bright, multi-coloured pop.   She certainly stood out in the crowd. Years ago, my neighbour invited her to stay but alas she would not. I was delighted to find her again. But not at all … More ABRACADABRA