Let’s get started!

It’s time to talk.

Everyday strength,

stories you care about.

Which one

a slice of heaven?

It’s not a dream

taking flight,

taking on the world.

Everyone will love

making magic.

That’s worth celebrating.

Wherever there is light

jump for joy.

Your style, your way –

sweet success.

Spread the word!


© Raili Tanska


I call this a Magazine Poem, inspired by Nicola from Book Spine Poetry

This poem was created from headlines and advertisements in the March edition of The Australian Women’s Weekly and the Coles Celebrate Easter recipe magazine

11 thoughts on “CUTTING EDGE DESIGNS

    1. I’m enchanted that you’re enchanted! I have a habit of not sticking ‘to the recipe’ so Book Spine poetry kicked me into creating this one 🙂

  1. What a creative spin on book spine poetry, I love it. Somebody else suggested CD spine poetry as an alternative which I am hoping somebody tries (I don’t own any CDs!)

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