Flowers and candles

It’s time for a serious moment. Once again, we’re reminded of the vulnerability and unpredictability of life. Brussels has brought  that vividly into our homes through the media in the last couple of days. It happened in Paris too.

And now we are seeing the same after the event groundswell in Brussels. Fighting hate, anger, prejudice, violence – with Love.

I just want to talk a little bit about fear. We’ve all heard of the cave man response to fear. Adrenaline kicks in with the fight or flight response as the brain shuts down and diverts the essential stuff to prepare the body for action.  But what else happens? The centre for reasoning and judgement is impaired. So the ability to think and reason decreases.

Modern research suggests that the  best preparation for dealing with disaster situations is –

  • Practicing Breathing
  • Regular Meditation
  • Confidence in your ability to cope

Remember the saying ‘ what you put out is what you get back’ ?   Do we really want to generate more fear ? Let’s join the people in Brussels and swamp the world with Love and Peace.

After Paris I posted these two articles  Flowers and Candles and  Prayer for Peace.  They are still relevant. Just the name has changed.

© Raili Tanska

28 thoughts on “BRUSSELS

  1. Love alone can take care of this hate, anger, prejudice and violence. My prayers are with those that lost their lives in the Brussels attack. Thnks Raili for this post.

  2. I agree that acting in blind fear and panic is not likely to find a lasting end to the terrible situation we find ourselves in. Absolutely the worst response would be to go on some idiotic anti-Muslim rant of the kind Donald Trump seems to specialize in.

      1. And I always will because you’re my buddy and a faere nymph of Finland who writes so well

  3. #albino phoenix (my other site because i was being bothered by someone on featheredsleep, I tried inviting you but WP is confusing, so if you want to, search under that hash tag and friend me there, since it’s a secondary site when I try to friend you I can only do so from Featheredsleep so that’s why I decided to write this explanation ♡♡). Totally understand if you’re not interested but wanted to let you know because i read you regularly ♡

    1. I do want to! I thought I had subscribed, but I’m not getting any notifications. I’ll go back and re-do it. And it’s weird but this comment was in my Spam folder. I do check it regularly as I find the odd gems in there, like this one 🙂 I hope I can do this subscription thing right… have a good Easter 🙂

      1. You too. I think the thing is crap it doesn’t notify grrr so I had to quit private

  4. Well, I’m probably the only one to disagree – not with the post at all, but with the idea that Brussels is generating love and peace – for whom? No. Peace and love is what people WANT, but the inner feeling is probably more like grief, pain, frustration and desperation. Many are too frightened to actually say what they think. Anything less than “love” doesn’t seem civilised, nor is it now, politically correct to say you feel damn angry, offended and appalled that a few people with radical ideas can be evil enough to do such horrid things.

    As spiritual people, we accept that everyone is on their own path, on their own spiritual journey, but we should have the discernment to see that some paths do not respond to peace and love – I don’t know the answer – I just know you cannot stop a tornado of hatred by holding your hand up and saying “Peace, my friend! We love you.”

    I’m in France. Flying home on Sunday. I’m human. I’m jittery. People REALLY are trying to find a civilised solution. But I don’t know if it’s brimming over with love – people are all humans too. I think it’s time to get cross!

    The love that is pouring out at the moment is for all the grief and pain that so many people are suffering unnecessarily.

    Just saying….

    1. I agree. Love is the answer. But when we get so much evil and hate thrown at us, we have to fins another way to combat the hate. I don’t have the answer, either. But I know it makes me feel so damn angry. Some days I cannot watch the news. i can’t take it. People living in those countries where growing up and learning to kill westerners is something you do by the age of 5. I just know how sad it makes me as a member of the human race. We are doing Terribly as a species. When is it okay to kill others? Especiallyin the name of your God? Well, your God sucks. And I know this just hasn’t been reserved for Muslim/Islam. It has Happened for thousands of years. What is the answer? How do we fix ourselves? I don’t know. I don’t know. I feel sad for our world. Come on people, we have to do better than this. At the same time, my anger for what ‘they’ are doing to innocent people pushes me to say, “blow them all up or send them to an island to live like little misfits and let them all do themselves in.” I would be no better than what I’m preaching against. That’s because I don’t have the answer. But I don’t think it’s holding rallies and making hashtags for peace.i am not one of those politically correct people. Sometimes i think the right answer is to put them on an island and let them all go crazy on each other. And good riddance. I won’t miss you and your jacked up ideals. We all have free will and we cannot regulate morality. I don’t know. Just, please world, be better. Do better. There has got to be something better than this.

      1. Once, my teacher said to me “The trouble is, humans are like pet dogs chewing up your sofa – you love them, but you can’t just allow them to chew up the sofa!” I often think us humans are chewing up the sofa in many ways. But there is no one to stop us – except us! That’s a really heavy burden – our lesson in being human. Love IS the answer. But how do we implement it to stop sofa-chewing? It can’t be standing round just watching, surely? We are sofa-chewing our planet too….

      2. What an interesting turn of phrase. Eventually there will be no sofa left! Lots of transmuting energy and waves of Love to counteract it perhaps 🙂

      3. Our dogs DID once eat up our sofa during a thunder storm, when we weren’t there. Had I seen that, I would have to CONTAIN the dogs somehow. Waves of love would be like farting against thunder! Hee hee 😀

      4. Ha ha !!! My dog goes into hiding when there’s thunder and lightning, or fireworks. I find her sometimes in my son’s pile of dirty clothes. Comfort smells 🙂

      5. Oh – just a thought. The area I am in in France, has been “wiped out” many times. By raiding tribes, by all sorts of early cultures, by the Greeks, the Romans, the Christians, Charlemagne, Kings, Princes, the French Revolution, Napoleon, the British, the Germans, the Americans, etc. But it’s always been a bed of Resistance. Never lost its spirit. Occasionally it has had times of peace – but not many. It’s always been an area of turbulence. Today, it is in a time of peace and prosperity.

        Makes me think that this new wave of terrorism/fundamentalism, is “just” ANOTHER WAVE. Maybe, the earth is the seat of different WAVES of consciousness. If you are in a wave, it’s turbulent! But over TIME, it’s just Consciousness moving, changing, growing.

        It’s beautiful here. Who would believe the pain and suffering there once was in this lovely place?

      6. I agree, we are in a turbulent wave of change, moving into that beauty in which you are encased 🙂 It’s interesting to take a long view like that – the whole world can be kaleidoscoped into such a perspective.

      7. There is a groundswell of people moving against the mindless terrorism. I think one there are enough of us the scale will HAVE to move towards peace and love. It’s hard going at the moment. But I will NOT let myself be swallowed up in fear. I want to use that energy for making things better instead. One step at a time – a thousand mile journey starts with one step 🙂

    2. Yes, I see where you’re going with this. And I don’t disagree. I’d be jittery too if I were over there. It’s probably time to get justifiably angry, not just cross, and pour that energy into a pro-active momentum…

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