Pop of Colour – photo 101

Today’s theme is to explore the nature of colour. I chose yellow, simply because everywhere I looked today yellow literally leaped out at me.  For those heading into spring it is the vibrancy of emerging new life, growth and warmth in splashes of colour –   bright daffodils, lemon throated frangipani, buttercups and roses. Nature’s shades of yellow against backdrops of greens soothe and cheer the soul.

When I walked into The Retired Husband’s mancave, yellow leapt out at me from every nook and crevice – the handle of a hammer, buckets, storage containers, funnels, hazardous substance containers. I guess it’s easily seen when you’re having a ‘man look’ for something

It quickly became obvious  to me as I drove to the shops, walked through the carpark and supermarket, that the advertising and marketing gurus use colour very effectively.  Bright yellow is everywhere. Because it is eyecatching. Shop signs and advertising banners yell a loud yellow often contrasted with black or bright blue. It is effectively used in alerting the public to danger, hence its prevalence in pedestrian and traffic signs, council workers’ vests and  hazard notices.

©  Raili Tanska



16 thoughts on “Pop of Colour – photo 101

  1. Yellow certainly pops out this spring (and every spring) for me too. I have two bushes that burst with yellow blooms every spring and I love them! In fact, I have 5 different kinds of flowering bushes in my yard and three of them pop with yellow blooms. Nice meeting you and happy spring!!

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    1. Glad to have met you too. I saw yellow everywhere I went today. Mind you, it wasn’t flowers. It’s autumn here now but the weather the last few days has been very reminiscent of spring. Hope you spring is springy 🙂


  2. I think it is interesting that yellow seems to be the color of many spring flowers. Your photos are fun. I love that you found someone many yellow things. I found your blog through the comments class.

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    1. Thanks Laura. Yellow is such a happy, cheerful colour. Maybe nature has chosen it to cheer us up after the cold and gray of winter. Lots of new places to visit in comments bootcamp. Look forward to it 🙂


  3. All of the yellow made me think that “we all live in a yellow submarine,” 🙂 I love the daffodil canvas bag! I just noticed that our front rock garden has sprouted the as yet born daffodils; and I’d just noticed the lovely tiny white flowers in the grass last week. Soon our yard will be ablaze with the yellow of the forsythias. I’m eager to see them pop!

    Thank you for all the happy color!

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