Snap, Crackle, Pop !


S  N  A  P !  Whaat was that ?

Sounded like a gnat in a trap.

But how that could be

I could, would not, dare not see.

All I heard was S N  A  P !

Not at all what a gnat in a trap

would say.



or even persnicketty slap.


It was a riddle.

It had me in a fiddle.

I could not, would not, dare not


how  a gnat in a trap

would just say S  N  A  P !


Can you?

Would you?

Dare you?

Gnats and cats

Wombats, even fruit bats

would not, could not, dare not

stop at just a plain old S  N A  P !


At the very least

just to please

they would feel obliged

to surprise, to delight, with more

so much, much more

than a  S  N  A  P !


    A  S  N  A  P

    with a splat

    and a  C  R A  C  K  L  E

    with a frackle

    and a  P  O  P

    with a flop.


    Now that would bring a smile

    to my dial

    should a gnat in a trap say

    a  S N  A  P  and a  C  R  A  C  K  L  E  and a  P  O  P !!!


Thank you to Spiritualdragonfly  for the three word prompt : Snap, crackle, pop


©  Raili Tanska

Image – I drew it all by myself! Just like I wrote the poem. Did you guess?

 Dr Seuss – my inspiration


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