She moved.

She swayed

in time to the cadence

and beat of the rhythms

drumming in her heart.

Innocence was hers.

As was beauty.

Timeless, eternal, infinite.

None dared question.


Absorbed as she was

she noticed nothing

but the internal symphony,

the music

that swayed

and moved her



The swell,

the growth

the burgeoning,

bursting and erupting

explosions convulsed

shook and shattered

the firmaments



In her splendour

she bathed

in the newness

of birth.

A new day.

A new dawn.

A new beginning.


She smiled.

It was



©  Raili Tanska

Image Pixabay

32 thoughts on “BIRTH

  1. This is poetry in motion. A dance. A combination of movement and beauty. My talented girl of magic and insight♡

      1. You’re a genuinely gifted and beautiful soul and I’m so blessed to know you♡ I hope you always stay as my friend ♡

      1. Congratulations, I have picked this post as my post of the week. That means I will read out your posts on my next radio show. Keen an eye on the post tomorrow to listen to my radio show. Congratulations once more.

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