Passion, drive, go

Markku on bike
The Retired Husband and The Exterminator


Mmmm. I’m sleepy. Think I’ll just curl up here for a quick nap…..

Brrrooom, BRRRROOOOM, BRRRROOOOMM !!!  My ears prick up. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, we’re going !!  Running as fast as my four little legs can carry me around the corner to where The Alpha Male is revving up our bike. I wonder where we’re going today? I sit as close to the bike as I can to make sure he knows I’m here. Not that he would ever go without me. We’re like peas in a pod, both of us in our bikie leathers, badges, bandana and goggles. If I had a tail I would wag it like mad. Mine is stumpy, so I have to wiggle my bottom. ( Now that’s a bit weird ‘cos I know mine’s long and kinda cute! ) That and some excited yelps of course. Always gets me a smile and a bit of a scratch behind the ear in just the right spot.  At the same time he scolds me and tells me to keep still so he can put all my gear on. (That’s kinda weird too…somehow it doesn’t seem quite right …)  He tells me I’m a chick magnet. I wonder what that means ?

It’s the best feeling in the world to sit on the front of the bike even with the safety harness clipped in place. The wind in my face is awesome. I just looooove sniffling all the new smells. And when he’s in the mood for racing I just have to stand up on all fours to get the most out of it!  Give me the freedom of the road any day. Sometimes we do it just for the fun of it. Seems like today is not going to be one of those times. He’s heading into town.

Oh goody! It’s an outdoor event today. I can already smell the BBQ. That means sausages. YUM, my favouritest of all. It’s always the same when we turn up of course. People crowd around. Everybody wants to have a photo taken with me. They make a big fuss of me, patting me. (Just like they do at home too!) I don’t like it when some of them want to kiss me though. But I’m still on my best behaviour of course. Then there’s the boring bits where they talk a lot about stuff. I just lie down next to my best- bikie-Alphafriend-forever and have a snooze waiting for grub time. My stomach is rumbling today, I hope they don’t take too long.

Markku and Tess
TRH with the four legged beast

Formalities over? Good! I sit up to attention looking my very best. This is it – sausages!! And here they come. It’s funny how some of them try and sneak me bits, as if they’re doing something wrong. Of course I help them by making it as easy as I can. Like if they sit down on a chair near me, I go and lie down right next to them so they can maybe ‘accidentally’ let one fall, or break off little bits at a time. (Just like Shalini and Uncle Bert do at home, tee hee hee…)

Burp. Belch.  Ooops, excuse me!! I am soooo full I don’t think I could eat another bit ever again. I’m glad it’s time to go home. I need to have a loooooong sleep.

“Tess!! Were you having a dream ? You’re very twitchy and yippy.”  Yaaawwwnn…… S  t  r  e  t  c  h ……Huh?! What’s she talking about ???

Now for the REAL story

Aussie dog gets a driving licence!

Jan 21, 2013

Four-legged fundraiser Bundy has a top speed of 283 km/h and a love of sausages.

Bundy on bike
Bundy the bike riding kelpie

This motorcycle-riding canine – who has helped raise millions of dollars for charity – is on her own important crusade this year. To continue raising prostate cancer awareness and visiting terminally ill children, seven-year-old stumpy tail cattle dog Bundy needs to loose fat… and fast.

“She has to drop two kilos – she looks like a wombat at the moment, especially as she has no tail,” laughs owner Tex O’Grady. Tex says it’s the popularity of Australia’s only dog with a special licence to ride a motorbike that’s made her put on the beef. There are always irresistible food gifts on offer during their 80,000km-a-year charity rides, which includes duties as official champions for the Prostate Cancer Foundation and ambassadors for the Project KidSafe Foundation.

Tex and Bundy hooning
Tex and Bundy ride

“When we are out and about people feed her sausages,” Tex explains. “It’s OK to have one – but if everyone does it, then it ends up being 60.” The famous dog from Coffs Harbour broke her back a few years ago in a non-motorbike related accident and was going to be put down, but Tex came to the rescue.“It cost $15,000, which I couldn’t afford, but the motorcycle community came up with some of it – the rest I had to beg, borrow and steal,” he says. After six months of rehabilitation Bundy was back on the bike. Now Tex has put Bundy on a strict diet and exercise regime so she can continue doing what she loves – making a difference to people’s life while perched atop the petrol tank strapped into her harness.


Deciding on a story for this three word prompt from   What…cookies again? Passion, go drive – was dead easy.


©  Raili Tanska

Images – personal album and Facebook


Great Australian Motorcycle Stories by John Bryant

Tex and Bundy video

Tex and Bundy website


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