Shades of Solitude – Photo101 day 5


Tess sleepin sprawled out
Solitude – loneliness of waiting
caged urban pump
Solitude – caged restriction

suburban street with red car

                                                                                         – or freedom to move

red letter box outside hairdresser
Solitude – waiting for connection
Rubbish bin on street
Solitude – forgotten
HUGE gum tree
Solitude – grounded rural majesty
Ghost gum
Solitude – urban ghostly beauty
me time
Solitude – alone time
Crystal ball on stand
Solitude – nurturing the Soul


©  Raili Tanska



8 thoughts on “Shades of Solitude – Photo101 day 5

    1. It is truly magnificent. Gums do grow quickly, but it would have to be several hundred years old I would think. Thanks for your comments. BTW, I just found this in my Spam folder ?! All your others go to my Reader. How does that work ???


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