The Retired Husband’s Anniversary

10th March 1973

wedding 3

Forty-three years today.

Strewth?! What happened to the time ?


Start to married life:

one VROOM VROOM super charged V8 Valiant ex-police chase vehicle

a home owned by the bank

refrigerator, bed and a carload of gear

2 mortgages and a personal loan

one wage earner – income $50/week

one university student


43 years later:

 a VROOM VROOM ute and another little not-a-ute

(and the kids’ 4 cars – driveway looks like a used car yard)

Oh – and a 53 foot ferrocement boat too but that’s in the water

MUCH bigger, freehold home

2 kids, 2 girlfriends and a dog

LOTS of stuff – at least a shipping container load

2 self-funded retirees

It’s been a hell of a journey so far!

Happy anniversary to TRH


The Wife xxxx



© Raili Tanska

Photos – personal album and Pixabay


17 thoughts on “The Retired Husband’s Anniversary

  1. Congrats that is so sweet! I have a bunch to go but at the 24th yr and have done a little comparing in my head of my how things have changed! Like no computer, internet, cell phone in our first belongings (oh they existed somewhere but not in our world 🙂 happy wishes to you!

    1. Thank you, we did 🙂 Went for a meal and then to see Maggie Smith in Lady in a Van. Brilliant movie! Time is like jelly, I find. It doesn’t like to stay put :((

      1. I remember the Doctor in Doctor Who talked about timely-wimey, wiggly-wobbly stuff, so jelly time might well be right. Anyway, I’m glad you had a great day.

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