Street – Photography 101 (day 2)

Today’s assignment asked for a wide view street scene  taking into account foreground and background.

The foreground in this first photo is the almost empty expanse of the cul-de-sac. The little pile of dropped rubbish in the middle could be seen to be symbolic of the beginnings of tearing down the house.

The red brick house in the background is being demolished, starting today.

101 street view

This view to me feels more ‘intimate’ yet distanced with the frame of the fence against the the background

101 hse 18

© Raili Tanska


9 thoughts on “Street – Photography 101 (day 2)

  1. Using the same element but from different angle was an interesting approach. I like the quietness of your street. It sends a calm feeling despite the fact that the house is going to be demolished. It’s like the calm before the storm. 😊

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    1. They are sub-dividing, selling off half and using the money to build themselves a new home on the other half. They hope to be close to freehold then. Young family with two little ones.


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