Abdullah the Lizard – photography 101 day 1

 101 lizards

His reputation was in tatters. Scurrying through the undergrowth, Abdullah was intent on looking for a new home. A place where he was not known. Somewhere he could have a fresh start in life. He had not been to this location before. Not sure what to expect, he proceeded cautiously. It was barely twilight as he poked his head out of the bushes to sniff the morning air. All his senses were on high alert. Moving was a dangerous business. You never knew whose toes you might be treading on.

Take last week. He’d been poking around in another promising looking neighbourhood. Next thing he knew, he was hurtling through the air. A giant with two legs had grabbed him by the tail. Thrown him clear across the paddock  into some thorny bushes. Left him scratched, bleeding and in shock. It was enough to make him get as far away from that unfriendly place as his legs could carry him. He’d been on the move ever since.

101 hm panorama

Abdullah had been forced into looking for a new home. You see, he had developed a liking, you might even go so far as to call it an obsession, for a bit of the illicit ‘wink, wink, nudge, nudge’ entertainment if you get my drift. A discrete fling or two with the girls in his neighbourhood was just a bit of harmless fun after all, he thought. Inevitably word got around that he couldn’t be trusted around the ladies. Abdullah found himself getting into fights on a monotonously regular basis.

What was wrong with everyone?  Can’t a lizard have a bit on the side without running into trouble?  After all, a lizard has the right to sow some wild oats before settling down to a family life. It wasn’t as if he forced his attentions on anyone, he thought, feeling aggrieved. They had all been willing enough for a bit of slap and tickle.

Until someone squealed to the boyfriend. That’s when things started to turn bad. Suddenly he became an outcast. None of the other male lizards would give him the time of day. As for the ladies – well, they all turned a cold shoulder. Anyone would think I had the pox or something, he thought angrily.

Then one evening when he was minding his own business having a lonely dinner munching on a chewy old snail, he was attacked. It happened so quickly and soundlessly, he didn’t have time to even see who they were. All he knew was that there seemed to be dozens of them. Hissing, scratching, biting him all over. Abdulla tried in vain to thwart the attack.  They grabbed a hold of his legs and tail physically dragging him out of his home territory, leaving him bleeding in an open paddock. As they left, he heard them muttering. Serves him right! He’s just a lying, sneaky, cold blooded reptile! Can’t be trusted! Hope the crows pick his eyes out!

101 bushes

Feeling sore and sorry for himself, Abdullah slowly dragged his wounded, bleeding body into the safety of the nearest bush. There he rested until he felt strong enough to make a move. Truth be told, it was hunger and thirst that forced him to leave the safety of his shelter.

That had been the beginning of his quest for a new home. All his life he had been a fun loving kind of city slicker lizard. Excitement, night life, variety, parties – there was always something going on.  The life of the party, he was welcomed with open arms. Now, everywhere he went either his reputation had preceded him or the locals were suspicious and hostile.

101 nightscape

Abdullah found himself moving deeper and deeper into the wilds of the bushlands. He sought solace and safety. A place where he could lie low while his wounds and his pride healed. For the first time in his life he wanted to be as far away as he could get from his own kind. At least until they had forgotten about his misdeeds. Then he could slowly work his way back in.

Surely there would be a place for him in the wild! Weeks of searching  tamped down his cockiness enough for him to grudgingly acknowledge the truth. He had hurt a lot of his own kind with his thoughtless, selfish philanderings. Loneliness bit deep into his heart. Abdullah missed the company of his friends. Although he was not at all sure he actually had any friends left. But more than that, he just missed having someone to talk to. Someone with whom he could share his life. This yearning grew and grew the farther he walked. If only he could find someone willing to give him a chance. Not that he had seen any of his own kind since ‘The Attack’ as he had come to think of that fateful night.

101 log

A few weeks of roaming and Abdullah had found an ideal spot to call home. It was sheltered. Close to flowing, fresh water.  There seemed to be an abundant supply and variety of food. Even the locals were accepting of him. He had settled in, finding the perfect nook inside a hollow old log. The only thing missing was friends.  One morning as he was rummaging around in the undergrowth looking for a tasty morsel for breakfast, he heard “Hey, that’s mine! I saw it first!” He was so unused to having anyone talk to him, he dropped the grub in fright and turned around to have a look at who was addressing him.

She was beautiful! A sleek young thing with perfect reptilian eyes and a glowing, scaly skin. Laughing, she grabbed the grub and ran off with a cry of Bet you can’t catch me! Was she flirting with me, he wondered. Suddenly shy, he took a few hesitant shuffling steps towards her. Turning her head to keep an eye on him, she slowed down just enough to allow him to catch up with her. That was the beginning of a beautiful new life for Abdullah.

Abdullah and Abdullina  now live happily together deep in the forest, snug in their log home, watching the twins, Abdulai and Abdalla, playing leaping lizards.

101 lizards

The three word prompt – Abdullah the Lizard was provided by Patty Captein

TODAY”S Photography 101 theme is “Home.”

Assignment is to get to know and play with different features of the camera.

© Raili Tanska

WARNING!! I’m back at Blogging University, this time doing Photography 101. Beginning today, I will be using some of my 101 shots to thrill and amuse you – they may or may not be brilliant or relevant !!

Our internet has been terrible for ages. Then we were totally disconnected over the weekend!

Restored now, thank goodness. Seems to be behaving…


13 thoughts on “Abdullah the Lizard – photography 101 day 1

  1. Loved the story today, fantastic imagination, but I could picture the scene, all these varied creatures of nature live right along side us, and now we know they have a social life just like us !

  2. You should adapt that into a children’s book! You know Fim does this Story-A-Day thing that starts in May. Maybe you ought to check that out! You’re good at these.

    1. Thanks 🙂 and for letting me know about Fim’s thing, May is good timing. Unless Blogging 101 pops up – I need to get into that. I’ll be doing comment bootcamp soon!!

  3. Beautiful with a beautiful ending. I am so glad Abdullah found happiness in spite of his tribulations and trials. Our lives are like that. Things may not be fine today, but that does not mean that the world has ended. We have to keep moving looking for a comfortable place, until we find where we can call home.

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