Voyage of Time 2


Where was I ? The last thing I remember was sitting in my lounge drinking a cup of coffee and waiting for the Mystery Tour pick up. Dazed, I looked around the space I found myself in.  It bore no resemblance to anywhere I had ever been before. Soft, ambient lighting shimmered in what I could best describe as a cocoon. I was lying down in the most comfortable pod perfectly moulded to my body’s shape. Ethereal music lulled and relaxed me. Scents of jasmine, lavender, rose and other aromas I didn’t recognise filled the air. How did I get here? I have no idea. Checking myself I was relieved to find I still had a head with a functioning brain, two arms, a body and two legs. The fact that I was encased in some sort of magical shapewear that seemed to have shapeshifted my generously proportioned self into a lusciously curvaceous nymph was an added bonus. The mystery tour had begun.

I don’t know how long I lay there. T i m e  seemed to be irrelevant. This was the best ever day spa, I thought. The only thing missing was the masseur. If one emerged I would ask for an all over luxury treatment. No sooner had I thought it than an Other Worldly Being (I don’t know how else to describe her)  materialised in front of me. She didn’t seem to have a solid body, rather an energy form shaped like a person. Long flowing raven locks, a pearlescent filmy, a gown falling in soft folds all the way down to her dainty feet encased in golden slippers, her arms were entwined in a curling bracelet of minute,  glowing pink pearls. Around her waist and hair she wore strings of the same glowing pearls interspersed with precious stones. Smiling, she looked at me questioningly. Her lips did not move but I knew she was asking me if that was indeed my wish. Transfixed, all I could do was nod.

I swear I was transported to heaven. What followed was the most spectacularly loving experience. Nurtured, nourished, gentled, soothed and caressed, I was transported into a state of utter bliss. I must have dozed off for I awoke to what sounded like water splashing. Another Being had arrived. She was pouring me a drink which she offered to me in a goblet of the finest crystal. Ambrosia, I thought, as I sipped it. She nodded. We’re talking to each other with our thoughts, I asked her. Smiling broadly she again nodded.

Having finished the drink, I was invited to follow her. Somehow, I was back in my magical shapewear I noticed. It had melted away before my luxurious pampering started. On my feet were the same golden slippers the Beings were wearing. When I got up, I realised my body was weightless. Instead of walking, I glided! The door to my cocoon slid open soundlessly to reveal a curving corridor. Where are we going? My guide pointed straight ahead. Ok, I guess I’ll find out when we get there. All part of the mystery.

The corridor led to what reminded me of a wide semicircular flight deck on a spacecraft such as I had seen in movies. Very futuristic I thought. Not unlike the ones in the movie Avatar which was one of my absolute favourites. There were half a dozen Beings busy at various posts. All were dressed in a similar fashion albeit muted and without decoration of any kind. The first Being I had met glided over to me, introduced herself as CaLoDa and  motioned for me to take a seat at the front. She was obviously in charge here, I thought.

The darkened windscreen slowly began to fade, revealing a velvety black cosmos exploding with stars. It only now dawned on me that I really was in space!! My guide, CaLeSa, sat down next to me.  Second in charge, she told me it was her pleasure and privilege to serve as my personal guide on this Mystery Tour.

I was being taken to the star system Alpha Centauri, she told me. It was 4.4 light years from my home planet Earth. Distance and  t i m e, CaLeSa told me, were irrelevant out here. Their technology and power were so advanced to that of Earth it was not possible to even begin to explain it in terms that I would understand. Suffice it to say that warp speed was snail’s pace to them. They knew of my love for the movie Avatar, she explained. My mystery tour was taking me to a place similar to Pandora  which was a habitable moon of Polyphemus. However, unlike the Pandora of the movie, this was a peaceful, magical place where a nation of Beings not unlike the Na’vi lived. I was to be their guest. Dumbfounded, all I could do was nod enthusiastically and smile.

Spellbound, I watched as the craft speeded effortlessly through the Cosmos. Having arrived and landed, CaLeSa escorted me into the crisply clean outside of a planet that I could only think of as Pandora. The sky, a soft mauve pink, was graced by the glowing iridescence of twin moons. Trees as tall as skyscrapers reached their fingers to the sky.

My hosts were waiting for me. What followed was the most utterly, stupendously surreal and awesome experience. I fear I’m in danger of going into superlative overload and spoiling my story. Suffice it to say that the mountains, the forests, my hosts, the native flora and fauna were exquisite beyond description. I danced along the bioluminescent tree limbs in the rainforest. And squealed slipping, sliding and bouncing down to the ground from one giant fern leaf to another just like Jake Sully did in the movie.  I climbed the equivalent of the Halleluja Mountains  to gaze in awe over the vista that opened up in front of me. My visit to the sacred site was equally as breathtaking as the Tree of Souls

So absorbed was I in experiencing all that this magical place had to offer me, I quite forgot that this was not my home. It felt like it was.  When it came   t i m e  to bid my farewell, I did so with a lump in my throat.

CaLeSa took hold of my hand and led me back to the spacecraft. Settled safely in my cocoon once more, I fell into a deep sleep.

When I woke, I was sitting on the sofa in my lounge, cup of coffee still in my hand. Disorientated, I shook my head to clear it. Standing up slowly, I stretched my aching limbs. Had the last few days just been a dream ?! That thought disturbed and disappointed me.  The screen on my laptop was flickering. I sat down to have a closer look. As I did, an image emerged. It was CaLoDa and CaLeSa smiling and nodding. The message on the screen said “We hope you enjoyed your Mystery Tour.” On the desk lay the paper on which I had jotted my  notes –

I would go to places

where time dances to different hours

the night is split open with stars

see things that are as splendid as a sequin in the palm of a pearl

where I will be given more time

hear the sounds of home

be in another climate

and have different conversations


This story has been written as a two part combined response to

The Sandbox Writing Challenge – Pure Magic


a three word prompt “Voyage in Time” received from


Candice has very kindly given me permission to quote her poetry.

I have created the poem in this story from her writings which are identified by  italics.

Missed Part I ?

 © Raili Tanska

Images Pixabay



17 thoughts on “Voyage of Time 2

  1. How wonderful, really enjoyed these last two days, felt every moment, however if you ever buy another ticket, give me a shout…….. and make it two,,sounds like a great place to visit !!!

    1. Thanks! It was fun for me too. On another note, I have nominated you for a no hooks attached award – RESPECT. You, dear friend, deserve it by the bucketload 🙂

  2. Wonderful experience, ask them when next you meet/chat with them, find out if we can have a little of all that on dear earth.
    I love your imagination.

    1. Thank you – I’m hoping it is on the way! BTW, I have nominated you for the RESPECT Award – it is one with no hooks. You deserve it, and a whole lot more 🙂

      1. Oh my, that’s wonderful! Thanks a lot , never even heard of that one. Happy that you find me worthy of the nomination.

      2. My dear, you are MORE than worthy 🙂 I sincerely have the very greatest of respect for what you are doing and this is the very least I could do to honour it.

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