I see YOU Eyes Heart Soul * I hear YOUR Song * I feel YOU enveloped in Arms of Love * the YOU who is – my Child my Love my Friend * * * Written in response to Lady Calen’s Sandbox Writing Challenge 32 This is what makes me smile! © Raili Tanska Image … More COSMIC BEING


Let’s get started! It’s time to talk. Everyday strength, stories you care about. Which one a slice of heaven? It’s not a dream taking flight, taking on the world. Everyone will love making magic. That’s worth celebrating. Wherever there is light jump for joy. Your style, your way – sweet success. Spread the word! *** … More CUTTING EDGE DESIGNS


I got hit with a double whammy today! Two different bloggers, living in different countries, nominated me for the same thing – the Liebster Award.  Many thanks to Gretchen and Nam H Nguyen for their thoughtfulness. Now, down to business.  I am singley ( I know. It’s not a word. I just made it up this very … More DOUBLE JEOPARDY


It’s time for a serious moment. Once again, we’re reminded of the vulnerability and unpredictability of life. Brussels has brought  that vividly into our homes through the media in the last couple of days. It happened in Paris too. And now we are seeing the same after the event groundswell in Brussels. Fighting hate, anger, … More BRUSSELS

Fool’s Quest

Fool’s Quest Once upon a distant journey weapons of choice the history of the world The Quest – Asking for the earth Defy gravity a road less travelled mightier than the sword Entering the castle peace is the way The touch invisible acts of power The eye of heaven the signature of all things Eternal … More Fool’s Quest


raindrop drenched earth cloying dampness gone now sunshine caresses freshly damp leaves calling forth emerging growth tender tendrils shyly seek Light. * © Raili Tanska Image – Pixabay