Magic of love




She weaves and spins a web

strands of gossamer

stronger than the strongest thread

tying hearts together

family, friends and home.

Partner, lover, wife and mother

silently the spinner

weaves her thread.

Her reach is far

her strength untold

her skills a fine-tuned art

her gentling touch firm and sure.

She spins and weaves the web


keeping watchful eyes


strengthening, enlarging

silken threads

of Love


The three words for this prompt are “Magic of Love” – thank you to Marilena Ranaldo

© Raili Tanska

Images Pixabay

13 thoughts on “Magic of love

  1. Raili! most excellent! And how well I know of the Orb Weaver… we had the pleasure of one last summer, pitching her web outside our garage door. I even took a video of her weaving! It was magic, for absolute sure.
    I also couldn’t have thinking of this song when I saw the words, “Magic of Love.”

    This makes my heart melt when I hear it!

    1. Thank you Fimnora.I find spiders a bit of an enigma. They are significant on so many levels. But I don’t like walking into their sticky webs 😦 Did that earlier this week, and unbeknownst to me was bitten twice. My arm ached and itched for several days after.

      1. Ouch!
        They are wonderfully interesting. Over this last year, I discovered I had a spider living in my bathroom. The wonder of that time was when she gave birth, and I had a front row seat to her teaching her young how to weave, and all the other things spiderlings have to learn to survive. She recently moved lock, stock and barrel to another place in the house, which I have not discovered. I enjoyed her company during my time spent in the bathroom. I discovered, she didn’t like steam, from the shower. I do miss her.

      2. She’s found the right home in which to raise her little spiderlings by the sounds of it. A front row seat to spider births and kindergarten sounds magical 🙂

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