Lucky life’s safe

Fiji - car 2

The beast unleashed

its fury

like a boom explosion

lashing, gnashing, groaning,

tearing, hurling,

torrents pouring,

howling, screeching.



You could not sleep that night,C Winston 6

he said,

life had gone into hell,

it seemed.

The cacophony was

so scary

our roof was going up and down,

lucky it did not get blown away.




C Winston2Lucky too

no one was hurt.

Our things got wet

and we’re trying  to be fine

but crying from inside.


All in all

we’re lucky life’s safe.









Sachin Sharma, Ba, Fiji

When I asked Sachin to describe in three words what it was like to live through Cyclone Winston  he said

“ Lucky life’s safe.”  I promised I would write a story for him and his family. This is it. With his permission, it includes many of quotes from our conversation.

©  Raili Tanska

Image Pixabay and personal album


5 thoughts on “Lucky life’s safe

  1. Yes, it could have been a lot worse with many more lives lost. Sachin is right when he says about his family “Lucky life is safe”, but it does not alter the fact that the populace need help to rebuild their lives.

    1. Thank you – they are a very close and humble family of three. He often posts messages of love and gratitude to his parents on his Facebook page. For a teenager to do that publicly is rare. Sachin is part of our extended family. He is cousin to my son’s girlfriend, Shalini. I have PM chats with him on Facebook 🙂

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