Drifting twilight spirit




She had been digging for what seemed like a very long time. Her arms were sore. She was tired too. Yawning widely, she put the spade into the bucket sitting next to her. Too tired to dig any more, she slipped into the hole. It was just the right size for her. Curling herself up into a foetal position, her head resting on the edge of the shallow hole which had now become her resting place, she closed her eyes. It was not long before she drifted off to sleep.

Where was that music coming from? And that smell –  it reminded her of pushing her nose right into the middle of the prettiest red rose. And those swirling rainbow colours – her favourite, soft pink. Oh, look! There was a swirl of yellow and green hugging each other. Somehow it all turned into different shades of blue.  What a beautiful place she had gone to. But how did she get here, she wondered? The last thing she remembered was curling up and drifting off to sleep.  Shrugging her shoulders she decided not to worry about it. Might as well enjoy it.

It didn’t feel like she had a body – and yet, she did. There was no weight, that’s what the difference was. She could drift or glide wherever she wanted to. Just by thinking about it. Oh, this was so much fun! This was a place she wanted to come back to lots and lots! If she stopped to listen closely to the music, the notes somehow appeared in front of her, right there, floating in the air. She could hop onto them and skip from note to note. When she did that, the music changed to follow her tune and rhythm! Waving her hands around like a conductor created even more notes along with the sounds of other instruments. Just like a real orchestra, she thought. Humming brought in the violins.

She became aware of someone touching her shoulder. This puzzled her for she had not seen anyone else in this place. Just as she opened her eyes she remembered thinking ‘I don’t want to go yet’. Still lying in the hole she had dug in her sandpit, Mummy was shaking her shoulder to wake her up.

“Come on, sweetheart. You fell asleep. It’s time to go inside now – it’s twilight.”

“Mummy, I had the best dream ever ………” she said as her mother picked her up to carry her in.

fractal mauve-253781_640

The three words for this challenge are drifting, twilight, spirit –

thank you to to Calen from Impromptu Promptlings

© Raili Tanska

Images Pixabay


23 thoughts on “Drifting twilight spirit

  1. Your comment from my blog: The story I wrote using your three words seemed very significant for some reason. it felt to me like you were about 3 yo, shoulder length curly blond hair, wearing a sky blue frilly, full skirted dress, and the bucket was red … just thought I’d mention that 🙂

    I HAVE been in a place wearing that dress and looking like that. A place I “crawled into” so to speak, though the age seems to me to be more around 5 or 6! Please go read here: https://promptlings.wordpress.com/2014/11/30/exercise-in-self-perception/

    Fimnora and I spent three hours this afternoon talking about what I need to do to integrate that little girl into myself. I even fired off an email to Plato about it. I have been doing some very specific inner work with her. All’s I can say is you are VERY intuitive and gifted, Raili!!! Thank you SO much for this little story. It confirms a lot of things for me. Fim will be so surprised!

    1. Awesome BIG 🙂 Just read your story. Wow. So this is the next step. Integration, but I also feel that a connection to your Inner Child. She needs to come out and play 🙂 wish you well in this journey x

      1. Oh yeah! And Plato has been urging me to let her do that for months!!! But I think that post about “Can you see me?” had to come first. It’s like I told him this morning, I’ve been examining those pieces for 30+ years now. I’m not sure I have the whole picture quite yet, but I may never have. Regardless, it’s time for me to start gluing them back into place. Another interesting process? 🙂

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