Never enough time





Chapter one:

It was busy. The first customer was a regular. She rushed in, grabbed some cake decorations, joined the queue. She looked harassed. Just like I felt. Smiling in sympathy, I took the payment. It would be nice to have a friendly chat. Why is there never enough time for me?!





Chapter two:

Gorgeous! Stepping back to get a better look, I felt pleased with myself. A last minute rush to decorate the birthday cake had not been a good start. Now, coffee time! As I reached for the kettle, I saw the clock. Damn! Why is there never enough time for me?!




Chapter three:
I delivered my friend’s birthday cake. Couldn’t stay. I had an errand list a mile long. Picked up dry cleaning. Paid bills. Bought dinner. Posted letters. Bought petrol. Returned library books. Rushed home. Did the washing and cleaning. Exhausted, I fell into bed. Why is there never enough time for me?!


This story has been written in three fifty word ‘chapters’.

The words for this prompt were “Never enough time” – thank you to Veronica Dottore.

© Raili Tanska

Images Pixabay

16 thoughts on “Never enough time

    1. I agree, and I do take more than 10 minutes to do just that! This prompt came from a friend who is always very busy. Knowing a lot of the people who have sent me prompts has been very interesting – they’re such a perfect fit:)

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