Dwarves fighting Midgets


Come sit with me awhile, he said.

I have a tale to tell

some would say is best forgot.

‘Tis a tale misted in the shrouds of time

long, long ago

when dwarves and midgets

ruled this world of ours.

Settle ye down in comfort now,

this tale will take ye

up and down

in and out

around and about

through lands forgotten

buried, ne’er to be found,

the Ancient Ones foretold.

‘Twas a place of magicke,

happiness and peace.

Younglins played while Oldlings sang.

Dwarves and midgets,

beasts and creatures

lived in harmony around.

Then, as the tale unfolds –

the great calamity foretold.

A Sorcerer of Great Power and Might

descended from above.

Fearful  his countenance to behold

in his hand a weapon strong and sturdy.


With trembling knees and frightened eyes

dwarves and midgets hid in caves and caverns.

Whispered, wondered, shivered,

till the bravest, most courageous,

one a dwarf, a midget ‘twas the other,

trembling ventured forth to seek the

source of this their consternation.

“O Great Sorcerer from the Skies Above,

we come to seek and beseech

Thy wisdom words most mighty.

Tell us, help us

ascertain and understand

Thy visit to our humble land.”

The Sorcerer of Great Power and Might

clapped his hands like sounds of thunder,

flashed his eyes like forkéd lightning,

roared and laughed and shook his shoulders,

waved his sword and smote asunder

both the dwarf and the midget.

With his breath he blew the corpses bloodied

into the caves and caverns  of the cowering others.

With a voice like claps of thunder roared he

“Is this how ye would greet me?

Send me warring, fighting younglings?

Treat me not in friendship but in anger?

Came I here to find and home make.

Live amongst ye peaceful, happy

bringing gifts of power, great vast treasures.

Never will these boons belong ye.

May ye perish

in bloodied fear and fighting.

Not a single life breath be gasping ever.”

Then the Sorcerer of Great Power and Might

vanished with a clap of thunder,

flash of lightning,

rent the earth and sky asunder.


Dwarf and midget gasped in horror.

Beasts and creatures fled in terror.

Darkness descended,

engulfed the kingdom.

Once brothers, now sworn bitter enemies

engaged in mighty battle bloody

till not a single life lay gasping,

as the curse unleashed its wrath and fury.

Now this tale of mine is ended.

‘Tis a tale that perhaps is best forgot.

Shrouded in the mists of time

long, long ago when dwarves and midgets

roamed this world of ours.



Written in response to three word prompt “Dwarves fighting Midgets”   – thank you Christopher Tanska

© Raili Tanska

Images – Pixabay

16 thoughts on “Dwarves fighting Midgets

    1. Ooops, thanks for pointing that out – I made some assumptions there. I’ll go and add them in. It’s always the title. Whatever words people send are the title of the post. I have 10 prompts so far – some rather interesting ones in the pipeline 🙂

  1. Lovely story Raili, it reminded me of the Hobbit of Tolkien who I gathered from your comment above gained inspiration for his stories from Finnish “mythology” is that is the right word for it.

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