Illusion versus Delusion



Somewhere, out there, lay my salvation. Shimmering heat created illusions of movement. Dust and grit had almost blinded me. Blinking rapidly, I tried in vain to clear my vision. It didn’t work. Loathe to rub my eyes lest I do permanent damage to them, I scrabbled around in my knapsack. There was one water bottle left. I had been saving it. Now was the right time to use it, I decided. Ah, there it was, my last few precious drops of liquid life.

Carefully I opened the lid and poured some of it into my empty food bowl.   Squinting closely I made sure not a single drop was wasted.  I had not eaten for many days. Wishful thinking had made me cling on to the items in my knapsack. Holding my face above the bowl to capture all the drops, I splashed water into my eyes, rinsing the grit out of them. They were sore and probably very red. But I could see more clearly.


Being so focused and intent  on this task, I was oblivious to my surroundings.  Finally, I looked up. In front of me stood a Bedouin woman garbed in colourful, traditional robes and headdress. Only her eyes showed. Looking intently at me, she beckoned and held out her hand to me. Eagerly I reached out.  To emptiness.

I woke up in the darkness of the early morning hours, eyes gritty, mouth dry and dusty, throat parched.

Where was I ?



The words for this prompt were “Illusion versus Delusion” – thank you to Ann O’Donnell

© Raili Tanska

Images Pixabay


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