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Do you think I’ll go to heaven? Now that I’ve been abandoned….

It wasn’t always like that. I longingly remember the days he would reach up and take me off the shelf. Show my cover to the kids. If they were good, they were allowed to carefully touch me, tracing the embossed gold lettering with their fingers. He would tell them my history. That I’ve been with him since he was just a little boy. A gift from his grandfather, the nightly ritual of reading stories from my pages started way back then.

But those days are over. Left on my own, I can’t help wondering why me? Why now? We were getting along so well I thought.  Then, without any warning – poof! – he’s gone. I’m lonely living in an empty house.

There was another time when I thought I had been abandoned. It was a bleak, black period in my life. However, he came back and found me again. Curled up by the fireplace he would read my pages smiling at the memories. Others joined him over the years – young and old.  The tradition continued with them all. I was a loved and important part of their lives. It was such a vibrant time.  I sat content each day waiting for my turn in the spotlight. Life was good then. Oh how I miss those times!

He’s gone now. And so are all the others. My world is grey and dusty inside and out. It’s reflected in everything around me. Dust collects on the furniture, the shelves, the floor. Sunshine no longer fills the rooms. Windows have grown grimy. Gloomily I wonder what becomes of abandoned old books.

With an aching heart I long for those happy days when the house was full of love and laughter. Screeching kids zooming around. Sitting on the shelf watching and listening to it all filled me with happiness. Tired by the end of the day, they would huddle around the fireplace with the grown ups. That was my favourite time of the day. Perhaps that’s what book heaven will be like. I hope so.

© Raili Tanska

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23 thoughts on “Abandoned

  1. “Why now? We were getting along so well I thought. Then, without any warning – poof! – he’s gone. I’m lonely living in an empty house”.

    These lines bring back memories. Nice read, worth reading. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. No, I actually didn’t have the Bible in mind when I wrote it. But yes, there is a deeper message intended. For me the connection I have with a book is somehow far deeper and more meaningful if it is an ‘old fashioned’ book rather than an electronic one. Some of my fond childhood memories are of listening to Dad reading us stories. And in turn us with our kids when they were little. I guess for me it’s more of a lament about the demise of those treasures and the memories they create.

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  2. It’s a beautiful thought regarding books, I have books from my grandparents, even a school book , they are so special to me, they are always where I can see them and I take them many times carefully in my hands, I hope they never feel abandoned as I treasure them with all my heart, I am sure they know they are loved….. lovely post

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    1. Thank you. I still prefer to hold a book in my hand most of the time, although I do read e-books sometimes. Somehow they are never quite the same. Our books are treasured, and we have many of them in all nooks and crannies of the house 🙂

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      1. I love that name.. if i could change my name i would g ave a beautiful name like that. What does it mean? Oh yes it’s such a good book I hope you do read it and lmk I think you will love it, as it’s about a library of secret forgotten books.

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