thinking puddle

stick kidcartoon-313632__180

‘Oh the thinks that you can think!’
If I blink in a twink
the thinks sink I think
so there’s not a lot to be got.
Does it matter what is not?
Such a muddle in a puddle
is the thinking in a huddle.
Thinking, blinking
notting gotting
muddling, puddling, huddling….
What a fuddle is my thinking puddle!

With apologies and thanks to Dr Seuss – he inspired me !
© Raili Tanska
Image Pixabay


9 thoughts on “thinking puddle

    1. WHy thank you Lady Calen 🙂 Dr Seuss books are being heavily promoted here at the moment as part of children’s literacy so I have rediscovered them. Always did love them. I have written some kid stuff. There is an 8 part series in my blog in Kid’s corner called Salma Butterfly. And I have two other serial stories in draft form.

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