I’ve been kidnapped by aliens!

old books-1133421__180

It seems I’ve spent most of my life sitting on the shelf, collecting dust. I can’t remember the last time someone invited me to come down and join them.  Did you know you can be lonely in a crowd? Well, I am ! Watching people come and go , ignoring me,  just rubs salt into the wound. They walk past and don’t even see me.

Everyone has some sort of little flat black box looking thing in their hands.  So intent on watching whatever it is they see  in it, they even bump into the furniture! Sometimes the black thing rings or makes strange noises. When that happens it gets put up to the ear and people TALK into it! That’s just so weird. They don’t seem to to talk to each other much at all. Maybe the black thing has taken over the world. Maybe people aren’t allowed to talk to each other at all anymore unless they do it in secret.

When I was new I had lots of friends. I was well traveled. Respected. Even sought after. Got taken out for drives or to the beach or  a picnic in the park. I do so miss those days. Oh dear, I think I’m going to cry.

Do you think I might be in some sort of time warp? That would fit I think, ‘cos everything is so surreal. Maybe I’m trapped in an alternate reality. Oh my God! I’ve been kidnapped by aliens!  HEEEELPPP!!


©   Raili Tanska

Image Pixabay

11 thoughts on “I’ve been kidnapped by aliens!

  1. Hi, came back to visit through the writing 201 commons, I like this. Of course I talk to inanimate objects too! My tablet i try to coax rather than fuss at, my books are my friends. I would have quite fun reading a story about this 😀

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