Hidden Message

Ancient writing


“I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date!” I feel like the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland today.

Time for some major multi tasking!  Whizzing around the blogosphere for a few hours this afternoon is first priority:

  • Revisit twenty of my posts to review the  images. Done.
  • Read and respond to comments on my posts.  Done.
  • Attend Blogging University 201 to read and comment on others’ work and add one of my own.  Done.
  • Visit the Reader to see what has been posted. Read, comment, like.  Done.
  • This week’s Sandbox Challenge looks intriguing. Information copied so I can write response later. Done.
  • Check a backlog of emails – 100 or more to read, respond to, delete. Done.

Hang on!  I found my eyes drawn to titles.  Then my mind turned to the Sandbox Challenge. Hmmm.  Copied the email headlines to look at in more detail when I respond. Seems to be a connection of sorts in there. Done.

So here I am now. Responding to the challenge. This is the list of what I found myself drawn to in my Inbox  –

  • Ancient Therapy improves immunity and digestion
  • Manual for being human
  • This leak will make you sick – media exposes government changes to health care
  • Your key to health
  • Tap into your hidden energy source
  • Body intelligence

Is that synchronicity at play?  Perhaps …

And finally, here is my completed piece of work in response to Sandbox Challenge 26  

What message just for you is hidden in this ancient writing?


Ancient wisdom

this tablet carved in stone

with runes and hieroglyphs aplenty

tapping into hidden energy

a source of body intelligence

a man – u – al  forsooth!

A key to health

‘twould seem


 ©  Raili Tanska

Picture Credit:



14 thoughts on “Hidden Message

  1. Mayan glyphs? Everybody knows they’re mostly just propaganda with bits of religion, astrology, astronomy and private royal jokes thrown in.
    In fact I’ve managed to decypher that particular section of glyph. It says: ‘If you’re nutty enough to read a personal message for you in this ancient codex, you’d probably benefit from a good wine enema.’

  2. What an interesting way to link them all together, Raili! That turned into quite a unique little poem! Well done. It’s so cool to see everyone getting creative. This is the first “imaginative” one that folks have really gotten into. Interesting in itself!

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