Tiger Terror – Horror Flash Fiction

On a whim, I responded to a request by https://promptlywritten.wordpress.com/2016/02/04/tiger-terror-horror-flash-fiction/comment-page-1/#comment-566 for some prompts to write horror flash fiction. Guess what – they got used. Yikes!! Thanks Lori 🙂

Image – Pixabay

Promptly Written

It was 3am. I woke to the sound of floorboards creaking. Problem is, the floors in my house are made of polished cement……
Mesmerised, I sat and watched my beautiful pet cat morph into a snarling tiger………..

Prompt suggestion from Soul Gifts

Tiger Terror

Creaaaak. Creaaaak.

I lift my head from its resting place and listen, my eyes widen in the darkness.

Creaaak. Creaaak.

What’s that noise? It sounds like creaky floor boards. How is that possible? My floors are made of polished cement.

I reach for the lamp by the bed and switch it on. The clock says 3 am in a ghostly white glow. I glance around the room. Then I feel paws on the end of the bed. Oscar, my Birman, I suspect. The creaking must be from the bed. I look down at my covered-feet.

“Hey kitty kitty,” I whisper. “Come to mama.” I pat the…

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