It’s Not All In Your Head. Consumed: Mental Illness Through Photography (January Update)

These images are incredibly powerful. There is no need for more words than those that accompany the photos.

Dear Hope

What if mental illnesses were shown on the outside?

Would we still be afraid to ask for help?

Since I was 13 years old I have fought depression, anxiety and bouts of insomnia. Since then I have tried to explain what that pain, discomfort, emptiness, and apathetic nature feels like to people. Often the words would come up short, and even the poems, songs, and stories I wrote didn’t seem to fully paint a picture into someones head to make them understand what I was going through. As I increasingly became aware of the lack of education and the stigma that surrounds mental illness and mental health, I thought about trying a different approach.

And that’s when the Consumed: Mental Illness Through Photography project was born.

December: Anxiety

Anthia 0966.jpg

“I was never a cutter, I never had the courage to take a blade to any part of my body. I did, however, need…

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2 thoughts on “It’s Not All In Your Head. Consumed: Mental Illness Through Photography (January Update)

  1. Thank you for sharing this post. I am just coming out of a 3 year long grey period. The worst part of low level depression was not knowing that I was depressed. I thought I was tired/stressed/overwhelmed/getting old.

    1. I found the images very powerful. I have not seen mental health promoted in such a manner before. I’m glad you’re feeling better now. Depression is not well understood 🙂

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