a BIG ooops !


I am kicking, scolding and berating  myself BIG time !!  I thought – well, I didn’t actually. And that’s what caused the problem.

You see, I had a clean up of the stored pictures in my WP media files. Got rid of a lot.

Would have to be THE most stupid thing I’ve done in a long time. You see, what has happened as a consequence is that you DON’T see the pretty pictures I had plastered all over my posts.  It now means a whole lot of extra work restoring them.  Not happy !!! Silly, silly, silly me !!!!

So my apologies for the lack of photos – I’ll be working my way through and restoring them from recent to oldest. And probably using less of them. I’d been meaning to do that anyway. Use less images I mean. It’s too labour intensive.  Trying to put a positive spin on this whole mess.


16 thoughts on “a BIG ooops !

  1. That’s awful – you use a lot of images, and they are relevant.
    I was more fortunate than you – I was going to do that, because, like you, I didn’t know they would dissapear from my posts – but before I did it, I realised I wanted to update one. I deleted it, and then went back to the post. That’s how I found out that delete means DELETE.

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    1. I nearly wrote something rude here, but I restrained myself at the last minute. I am working my way through backwards and have just completed the first page of posts. That wasn’t too bad as there were lots of short ones with not many images. Lucky I have them most of them saved to folders on my laptop as well as a backup copy of all my posts in word docs.

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  2. Oh dear… I thought if you uploaded a picture file to your media it retained the entire file. Is THAT where you deleted them from, or just from your computer? We have a huge amount of storage space in WP. Were you worrying you’d run out, Raili?

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    1. I deleted them from Media. Fortunately I still have them on my computer and I also save back up copies of all my posts. I was worried about running out of space because one night it was very clunky and freezing on me so much I couldn’t do anything. I didn’t think through , or know, the consequence. And don’t know about how much storage there is… i understand images can be compressed, just need to learn how.


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