I’m back at uni!




Yes, it’s true! I have enrolled in uni again. Let’s see, this will be my fourth time. Many long years ago, back in the dim dark ages when the dinosaurs roamed the earth, I enrolled for the first time. It was  prehistoric. Truly!!! I travelled across town and back for three hours every day just to get there to attend lectures. Computers were few and far between. I didn’t own one. Most people didn’t. There was a limited supply available for use in the university  library. That is if you knew how to use them and were quick enough to book one. I didn’t. My learning came from reading books and whatever other references I could get a hold of.

Assignments? Handwritten. I didn’t own a typewriter. Back then they were the ribbon type. Which then progressed to the golf ball. Remember those? You could change the font!! OMG, how cool was that! But I didn’t own one. Handwriting was tedious. God forbid if you had to go through several drafts! The one draft I only ever worked on was covered in scribbles, ruled out bits, arrows from circled phrases to point to where I wanted it moved, red pen. Rewriting it into a format that met standards was time consuming. And hand cramping. Thank God those days are over. I didn’t really enjoy the first course I ever took. But it got me a leg in to further studies so there was some value in it. That and a disciplined tertiary approach to study and research.

Fast forward to my next uni course. There was a longish break. I was already working full time. Fortunately for me, I had study leave to attend lectures in paid work time. This time the course was directly related to my job in mental health. Travelling to lectures was a cinch. No bus. My own car and a fifteen minute drive. Easy peasy.

Fast forward again. Yes, I am now showing my age definitely. Still married to the same man and with two small children, working full time, I enrolled again. This time into a Masters degree by course work. The study was a lot more serious. One subject at a time was all I could manage. Credits from previous studies reduced the number of subjects I had to complete.  Study was done after the kids were in bed. Timetables were strictly adhered to as I couldn’t afford to fall behind in assignments. There was no time for TV or reading novels. Instead, the dining room table was permanently covered in piles of text books and my notes. I loved this one. It too was directly related to my job. I was able to conduct the research within my own team. High distinctions all the way through saw me finish it in five years. I don’t think I have ever enjoyed study as much as I did then.

Fast forward again. Retired now. Still married to the same man. Kids grown up but living at home with extras. And here I am enrolled back in uni. Blogging university 201 – on line. At home using my very own laptop. One month. It’s going to be interesting. Fun. Challenging.

© Raili Tanska

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30 thoughts on “I’m back at uni!

    1. Probably not, and certainly not as long. But challenging in other ways. I’m still having problems with not all my posts showing up on FaceBook. Will have to manually do that till I have time to sort it again. the confusing thing is that it’s sporadic. oh well….

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      1. To drink a glass of water backwards means to to drink it from the opposite side of the rim to the side you would normally use, so that your head is bent over it. It makes you gulp and is very uncomfortable! Is that just a strange English cure for hiccups, I wonder?

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  1. It sounds like you have much to offer to a newbie like me. I look forward to learning from you and others. I was never fond of the typewriter. I think it goes back to my years in school during typing class when the peck and click was intimidating to me from others who typed faster. LOL The computer is amazing. A world at your fingertips. But I still write/journal often in my books with a favorite blue ink pen. I love the feel of the pen in the hand. 🙂

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  2. Love this! I just got accepted to a master’s program and looking ahead to all the coursework seems a bit daunting. Thanks for the inspiration and smile and jump right in! Also, I’m part of your Blogging U class. Looking forward reading more of your writing!

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    1. Congratulations! One step at a time seemed so much less daunting to me. But I baulked at jumping into a PhD which I was being encouraged to do. Glad I didn’t. Wasn’t for me. look forward to meeting you at uni.


  3. Now I KNOW that we have a lot in common, especially after having just read what I thought was my biography. When I got to the part about “married to the same man”, I figured it out. All kidding aside, I can identify my self in this particular post. I feel somehow acknowledged and so motivated to see this new University to the end. No dropping out. Looking forward to more reading on your space. Now on to my lesson plans for the new 2 days.

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    1. Oh, is that a good thing? No, it’s the editing one, lol!!! I missed the 101 so will need to do that when I can get in. I didn’t realise they offered all this training – could have done with it when I first started – slow learner 🙂 Ah well, better late than never.

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      1. Oh! You’re talking about Bloggng 201. I was thinking of Writing 201. That’s the one I blew. I’d sign up for that Blogging 101 class as soon as it opens up again. It was amazingly helpful.

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  4. haha.Loved reading your experiences from the dinosaur’s era till the present! Congrats on joining back the University! It comes with its own set of thrills and anticipations.Makes you feel alive and connected to a unique environment of its own! 🙂 I am completing my Post graduation this March and your post reinforces my dream of coming back to uni once again in future.! Learning is fun!

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