Magic of love

    She weaves and spins a web strands of gossamer stronger than the strongest thread tying hearts together family, friends and home. Partner, lover, wife and mother silently the spinner weaves her thread. Her reach is far her strength untold her skills a fine-tuned art her gentling touch firm and sure. She spins and … More Magic of love

Lucky life’s safe

The beast unleashed its fury like a boom explosion lashing, gnashing, groaning, tearing, hurling, torrents pouring, howling, screeching.     You could not sleep that night, he said, life had gone into hell, it seemed. The cacophony was so scary our roof was going up and down, lucky it did not get blown away.   … More Lucky life’s safe

My Acceptance Speech

  Prelude – Gosh. Um, gee … (shuffling feet, looking a bit embarrassed). I’m feeling a tad overwhelmed. Studiotj has nominated me for the Dedicated Blogger Award. Given that I have graciously accepted this kind nomination – thank you, tj (HUGE smile)-  he has asked nominees to write an acceptance speech in return.  I gotta warn you … More My Acceptance Speech

Never enough time

      Chapter one: It was busy. The first customer was a regular. She rushed in, grabbed some cake decorations, joined the queue. She looked harassed. Just like I felt. Smiling in sympathy, I took the payment. It would be nice to have a friendly chat. Why is there never enough time for me?! … More Never enough time

Love wins out

The she cat hissed and scratched, the fur of her raised hackles doubling her size. It had been a cold winter. Food was scarce.  Her stalker, a wily old loner of a fox, had stealth and patience on his side.  Oblivious till the very last minute, she had been focused on tracking her own prey. … More Love wins out

YANK it out!

Out, out, out I say! Shove it, Move it, Groove it Grunt it, Heave it… Strewth, forsooth why will it not obey what I say? Roll it, kick it Ouch! The eyesore made my toe sore ENOUGH of this stuff Be it on its way I say It’s time to go ‘cos I said so … More YANK it out!


  Do you think I’ll go to heaven? Now that I’ve been abandoned…. It wasn’t always like that. I longingly remember the days he would reach up and take me off the shelf. Show my cover to the kids. If they were good, they were allowed to carefully touch me, tracing the embossed gold lettering … More Abandoned