SANDBOX WRITING CHALLENGE What part of YOU is locked inside this house? PART THE ONE – Teeth Listen closely now and take heed all ye fair lads and lasses for I have a tale to tell. ‘Tis  true this sad and sorry tale of yester year, Fee fie fo fum and fiddle dee dee I fear … More Teeth


Hope lay in a tightly up curled foetal position in the corner of the darkened room. If she kept very still, she may not be noticed.  Maybe even become invisible. In her childlike innocence that’s what she hoped for anyway.  It was so quiet right now. For a moment at least she felt safe. Light was … More Hope

A Very Private Man

I shivered with cold. Or was it fear?  Perhaps both, I thought. Hmmm…. fear was not something I was overly familiar with not having experienced it often. I wonder where this will all lead, I said to myself, as I trudged through the thick, newly fallen powder snow. Not meaning the path I walked. I … More A Very Private Man

I’m Hungry!

  I published a post the other day on abundance. Today I want to focus on the lack of it. I’m hungry must be one of the most heart wrenching words for a parent to hear when they literally have nothing with which to feed their children. Some months ago I read a story about … More I’m Hungry!