WORK FINDS The Retired Husband

penguin work

Yep, it did! Not that TRH was looking for work. He just sort of stumbled into it. That’s how these things happen sometimes. ..

Just to get this straight, let me explain. TRH was not job hunting.  He is retired after all. This work came in the form of a very polite request through me from a friend. “Do you think he would mind….. perhaps you could ask… it’s OK if he doesn’t want to….”  The question was left hanging in mid air.

So I asked. He didn’t mind. And now he is. So in a roundabout way it’s all my fault it would seem.  The word work is possibly a tad misleading.  It’s not your regular 9 to 5, clock on, clock off kind of Monday to Friday work. He doesn’t have to drive anywhere. He walks. About fifty metres one way. Hundred if you count the return trip home. When and if he feels like it. As long as the job gets done, he’s his own boss.


The routine, if you can call it that, is not exactly onerous. Imagine this if you will –

Yawn!!!  Stretch. Roll over. Snore

Yawn!!!. Scratch. Go to the loo. Back to bed. Snore.

Yawn!!! Get up.

Coffee. Paper. Loo. Shower. Dress.

Amble to work – maybe.

This doesn’t happen every day. That would be far too taxing. A man needs time off to relax and unwind after all. But let’s be fair. He’s enjoying it. He’s doing a good job He is appreciated. He is painting – not a portrait.  The inside of a house.

And guess what! Word is getting around. He’s been asked for a quote for another job.

A man’s gotta be careful how much work he takes on. A man doesn’t want to work too hard after all!


© Raili Tanska

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