The challenge of blogging

Everything seems to have been chugging along pretty well lately in the blogging world for me. Or so I thought.

Earlier today I published a new post about The Retired Husband. What I usually do then is a follow up check. See that it has posted properly and that there are no glaring errors needing to be fixed. Which is what I have just done with FaceBook. Only to find that my FB publishing link is not working. Grrrrr!!!!!!!!!! My stomach takes a deep dive at this point. I feel a little nauseous. This is a new one for me.

What this means, dear readers, is that I then need to trek my way through pages of instructions. The first challenge is to find the right instructions.  Ok. Got it. I read through. My heart sinks again. There are multiple blue links that I have to read and follow the instructions therein. Not just in WordPress admin/dashboard. FaceBook account as well. I will need to navigate between the two. So by now I have about a dozen tabs open in my tool bar. I’m going cross eyed. It seems that I am suffering severe memory difficulties. Seemingly simple instructions have been erased from my memory bank by the time I click the tab to go and do what I have just this very minute read.

Going back and forth between WordPress dashboard and FaceBook account apps, clicking this, making sure not to click that because I could lose all my previously published posts forever, checking back and forth because by now my brain is about to go into meltdown………..

I have now followed the instructions twice because after the first time I discovered I had missed a crucial step so had to backtrack. Regardless of what they say the second time round is no easier! I know. I’ve just done it.

So, dear readers, I am not making this post pretty with pictures.  Because I have also just discovered that I need to do a test post to make sure it’s all working again. And if it’s not, it’s back to the drawing board. But this time it will be a HELP message to WordPress Happiness Engineers. Yes, that is what they are called.  And yes, they are very helpful.

But I am expected to try it first myself. So I have. I’m about to take a big, deep breath and press the publish button. Wish me luck !

©  Raili Tanska


13 thoughts on “The challenge of blogging

  1. I understand the frustration you felt. I’m not very knowledgeable about the technical side of blogging, so the slightest little problem can hold me back for a while. A big problem can be a nightmare.


    1. Tell me about it! My heart just sank when I came across this one. Took me a whole evening to sort it out. But I managed to do it eventually without losing my sanity or calling out for HELP! I’m now trying to get my head around creating a new blog with a Premium paid theme through an on-line business I’m involved in. It’s so different to what I am now reasonably comfortable using with this one. The challenge seems overwhelming so I back off for a few weeks and then try another nibble when I’m feeling brave enough 🙂

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  2. ARE you getting help from them? I’ve got a question that’s been out there on the forums for over two weeks that I’ve had NO response to whatsoever, and another one from a week ago. Where are you sending your questions?

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    1. I go through the Contact option from my dashboard. I usually try and resolve the problems by searching their posts. If I can’t get anywhere then click on the button that says something like “Didn’t help. Contact the Happiness Engineers” and fire off an email. They send a response very quickly to let me know they have received it, then I get another email which addresses the issue sometimes a few days later. I’ve not had to do that often but have never been kept waiting for overly long. This one I managed to do myself by following their instructions. Hope that makes sense to you

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  3. Oh, Facebook. I’ve finally got myself on it, and my posts are popping up there, but not quite the way I want them to. I need to do some more fiddling around with it, but I’m taking it slow. Stress avoidance.


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