You smell!


“You smell!” the young shop assistant told me at the cash register screwing up her nose. Not the usual shop conversation you expect to have. But it led us to chat about what the smell was. It reminded her of stuff her sister used to put on her, she said. Like Dencorub, I asked? Yeah. I hated it, she said, with an apologetic shrug.

I had just left The Retired Husband (RTH) happily snoozing after giving him a treatment with some essential oils. It’s called Raindrops Treatment .  Isn’t that a cool name! I had layered eleven different oils along his spine and massaged them in. Being 100% pure, they are very concentrated. So yes, I did smell. Probably a lot like Dencorub. Even the  assistant at the other end of the counter said she could smell them! I told them what I had done. Curious, they asked me why. They were impressed. Even wished me a nice Sunday.

Why did I subject TRH to this smelly treatment? Well, he has this very nasty infection brewing on his leg. Antibiotics and regular silver dressings through the GP clinic are the conventional treatment. I’m not to change them at home. Which is kinda hard given I’ve got nursing blood in my veins. So what I’m doing is adding to it with my ‘witchy woo woo stuff’ as TRH’s brother fondly calls it. Complementing and adding extra oomph to give his body  all the ammunition it needs to heal. Turmeric tablets for the inflammation. It’s so good. And he’s having this fantastic liquid supplement called Ningxia Red .  It’s chockablock full of anti-oxidants. Three hefty doses a day with lemon essential oil added.  And raindrops every three days. It works by pulling the toxins out of his system.

He showed me his leg. Said that there was a lot of stuff coming out. It was bubbling up under the dressing. He wasn’t happy. I smiled. Said, fantastic! Whaaaat?! Well, it’s better out than in, I replied. And that was the end of the conversation. Dressing change is due tomorrow. We’ll see what lurks underneath. I won’t subject you to a photo I took of it the other day. Just trust me – it’s not a pretty sight. He smells now too. Of oils.


© Raili Tanska

Just remember if you choose to use essential oils do yourself a favour and make sure they are 100% pure. I only use Young Living’s products as I know I can trust the quality which is ensured by  their Seed to Seal process.

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13 thoughts on “You smell!

    1. No, in this technique they are usually used neat unless the recipient for some reason is best treated with diluted oils – which I have done for another relative who was very unwell. I diluted and gradually increased the strength as the condition improved. i was concerned about possible toxic overload so was very cautious. I do have a carrier oil to hand always as some of the oils are quite hot. If the recipient feels discomfort then I use the carrier oil to calm it down.

      1. That’s interesting – the advice usually given in this country is that no essential oil should be used undiluted, except lavender, and tea tree can be applied neat to spots and boils. This is probably good advice for the layman, (who may otherwise, for example, slather bergamot over a bikini-clad woman on a beach, and leave her to burn to a crisp) but unnecessary for the experienced practitioner.
        I’m not surprised you were giving off an aroma – you must smell gorgeous giving after a treatment…

  1. Ha! Reminds me of my years with the sherpas in Tibet, and later, Bhutan, trudging up the Himalaya and surrounding foothills with lunatics looking for a high – if you catch my the drift. They sure did. Frequently fell in up to their stupid neck. A couple of the poor bastards were swept right off the mountain by an occasional avalanche. Others were fortunate enough to have a rare brush with a yeti. (Actually my first wife. A big boned woman, she still lives up there. Loves it.) But I digress. Yeah, so anyway, the biting cold – often minus 28 or more – plays hell with the circulation and can cause minute ice crystals to form in the capillaries of anyone lucky enough to suffer with varicose veins. Well now, the sherpas had discovered that rubbing snow leopard urine into the affected regions, followed by a splash of cold tea, could create such a god-awful smell that the patient fainted on the spot. The treatment did absolutely nothing for their condition, but it gave me and the old sherpas something to laugh about on cold nights back at base camp.

    1. Hello, what a good question!
      In a nutshell –
      Weather conditions, environment, location, quality and condition of soil, natural/clean farming practices, optimum harvesting practices, oil production based on research to extract maximum constituents respecting the plant’s integrity , bottling are all based on stringent best practice principles. Many of them have been set by YL as existing practices and processes were deemed not to fit with producing the highest possible quality oils. The oils are 100% pure therapeutic grade. No fillers, no chemicals or articial additives. (There are a very few exceptions if absolutely necessary but only in minimal quantities.) The oils are sent for independent quality testing before release to the market place. If it does not meet the standard, it is not released to the market. YL is so committed to this process that for two years one of their most popular, highest selling products, Valor, was not available as they could not source quality Black Spruce. In order to resolve this problem YL purchased some land in Canada to establish a Black Spruce farm, Northern Lights. They have now harvested their first crop and the product has just recently become available again. YL owns a number of farms across the world. And has partnership agreements with local growers for the rest. They are required to adhere to YL standards. YL is welcoming and transparent in its practices. Anyone can visit and take part in harvesting, planting etc.
      The founder of Young Living is a very passionate man. His life purpose and passion are to make the best possible quality products for everyone to use and enjoy. His personal life story and experiences with the oils is living testament to how amazing the oils are – D GARY YOUNG
      This is a link to my new blog , Soul Gifts Dripping Drops, which is still under construction. The website itself contains a lot of information already – DRIPPING DROPS .
      At the bottom right hand corner you will find a YouTube video about the Seed to Seal process.
      Sorry for the wordy response. I hope this answers your question 🙂

      1. Thanks for your sincere reply. You really did your research. That is pretty amazing that Valor was put on hold until the black pine was available. I do believe lavender grown in France would be better than lavender grown in the dessert of Utah. What is your thoughts on that?

      2. Thanks 🙂 The commitment of YL to quality is such that they were willing to forego huge sales to ensure the integrity of their product.
        I’m no expert but my understanding is that the quality of oils is affected by the environment and growing conditions, which I suppose is only logical when you think about it. People have told me lavender grown in different places smells very different too. YL owns a lavender farm in France. France’s lavender crops were decimated by some pest a few years back. Gary Young was able to re-seed it from the original seed stock he had taken to America with him from France. YL I believe is one of the few companies these days, if not the only one, that has pure lavender oil on the market. I do know that a lot of what is marketed as lavender oil is actually Lavendin, which is very different. It contains camphor so if it’s used on burns for example, it will do more harm than good.

      3. I love your passion for essential oils. I didn’t know seeds were brought from France to Utah. If there was an oil made from sage brush it would make sense to buy it if it were it grows in Utah but not not lavender. I am happy to hear that YL grows plants around the world. Thanks for clarifying. I love companies that give back to the community. I love supporting The Healing Hands Foundation. I will keep in touch. Thanks for your insight.

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