No, No, Never !!



No, no, never!  Never no more!

 Like Elvis, I have left the building.

Closed the door, never to return.

What a relief!

The pain in my chest

Has left

The thumping, hard pumping heart ache

And swallowing of pills to quell.

It too has left the building.



The door that finally closed

Was the last in a string of many.

Toxic places, unrealistic demands

Bosses out of touch.

The straw that broke this camel’s back?

Endless reams of paperwork

To satisfy the data crunchers

Statistically proving – what?

Key performance indicators

That I can sit and type

Analyse performance

Fill in forms

Roots cause analysis

Write reports

Attend endless meetings

Strategic planning

In between squeeze in a few

hasty phone calls

“How are you today?”

Perhaps a quick home visit.



Time the job

Write the contact

Assess the wellbeing and needs.

Write a care plan…

now there’s an oxymoron!



Hang on! How?? In what time??

This is NOT what I trained

to do.

Time to close the door.

Never to be opened again

No, No, Never!! Never No More!!




What door have you closed in your life, and why?
Will you ever open it again?

The door I closed ? I quit my job after 30 odd years as a mental health nurse. The last half or more in the community.


© Raili Tanska

Image Pixabay


11 thoughts on “No, No, Never !!

  1. Job burnout! It’s the bane of our existence to have it be killing us and yet need to sacrifice ourselves to it every day just to get by! Good for you! We don’t do sacrifices of self to idols any more!!! (If we can afford not to. o_O )

  2. Interesting you chose the arse -end of a Zebra as illustration. Do you know, they are completely un-tameable. They can’t be ridden, they won’t pull things, they aren’t in ANY way co-operative creatures like horses or donkeys. I love them. Everyone, at times, should make like a Zebra!

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