SEQUELS to ants and crashes

car park crash

What’s this about  sequels?  If you have been reading my posts, you may be curious to know what has happened with some of the reported events in my life lately. So here’s a quick update for you –

Like the things happening in threes  – My friend’s car was easy fixed. It was just some small lead that had to be replaced. She got it back in no time at all. Me and mine? I reported the mishap and my proud moment to The Retired Husband (TRH) on Monday morning. Sighing deeply, he told me to try not to destroy the car altogether before we trade it and his work horse in for our retirement model. I promised I’d do my best. It’s not as if I did it on purpose! You  and I know things happen in threes. And I’ve just had my three so that’s the end of it as far as I’m concerned.

Having a mid morning appointment to go to, I grabbed the car keys and left the house. Only to return half a minute later. My proud moment of mechanical genius from the day before lay in ruins. The evidence was undeniable, right there in front me. The door handle came off in my hand as I went to open it. Needless to say, I had to cancel said appointment. A late fee will be incurred I was told in a crisp voice, given the 15 minute notification I gave them.

Quietly placing the handle and my car keys on the desk, sotto voce I told TRH what had happened – again. All I heard was a deep sigh. Avoiding any further conversation, I beat a hasty retreat. I could hear some banging and crashing coming from the shed and carport. Not angry banging and crashing. Looking for stuff banging and crashing. Then silence. Tentatively I snuck a peek out the window. No movement or sign of himself. Walking through the house, I spied TRH at work on YouTube looking at instruction videos on how to fix car door handles for said make of red car. Not the model. There wasn’t one. Instruction video that is. But being the clever man he is, he improvised and fixed it. Enough to make it usable without me having to clamber over passenger seats and floor gears. It will need an expert to complete proper repair. The episode has now sadly been relegated to an Un-proud Moment in my mind.



The attempted take-over of my house has been successfully thwarted. My floor, skirting boards and island bench remain free of marauding hordes. However, I got to thinking about what had brought them in in the first place. The obvious conclusion is threefold – heat, thirst, hunger.

There is an equally obvious solution to this. Rain. I can do this! I know how to dance – sort of. I can do  a rain dance. A precursor has already been set with an explosion of happiness and dancing being broadcast across the ethers. Leading, I would hope, to many feet dancing to the rhythm. Now it’s just a matter of converting it to a  rain dance. I can do that. Just needs a little twist of magic.

And guess what? It rained last night!! Who dares to say it doesn’t work now!  I think I might just celebrate by singing along with Gene Kelly

Dancing in the rain

©  Raili Tanska

Images Pixabay


5 thoughts on “SEQUELS to ants and crashes

  1. It’s called inter species communication – very possible! I’m trying it to get our roof rats to move along down our complex to someone else’s roof! Trouble is – even the weather has karma which sometimes makes it impossible to co-operate with our requests even though it might like to! 🙂

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