I woke up this morning bleary eyed and furry mouthed. The nights have been quite hot. And the days even hotter. Meaning that in order to have any sort of a half decent sleep we need to leave the air conditioner on overnight. We are blessed to have one. Even more so, to be able to afford to let it run overnight. But what it does is leave me feeling somewhat blah in the mornings.

Anyway, back to the story. I headed into the kitchen rubbing my bleary, out of focus  eyes. My morning routine called for a  glass of water and lemon to cleanse the innards before a caffeine hit. I know. Bit of an oxymoron that one. On walking past the breakfast bar I noticed a neat, concentrated ring of little black sugar ants around a drop of some sweet liquid that had been spilt and left overnight.  Not a good sign! Where there’s one or two of these busy little blighters you can be guaranteed to find a million more. If not now, in the next five seconds. They have got to have the most efficient communications network going. Someone ought to chat to them and get some pointers on where we’re going wrong.

I grabbed a couple of sheets of kitchen paper and a spray bottle of Thieves, my chemical free  household cleaner. Wonderful stuff that. (I’m working towards creating a chemical free  house for cleaning and personal care.) Sprayed the invading hordes. Hey! They all curled up their toes and died. Now that is awesome, I thought. I was starting to wake up now.

I hadn’t tried this particular approach before. Tried heaps of other things over the years. The one I got queer looks for is when I told them to “Get out of my house or you will die!” They didn’t listen. I tried leaving bodies of their dead mates along the marauding trail. Yes, I am a murderer. Or rather, murderess. I sprayed them with toxic poison. The heartless fiends either walked over the TOP of their friends, or around them. They seemed to be immune to the poison.

These days I leave the poison as a means of last resort if all else fails. It means I have to be vigilant, ever alert. And pounce immediately when I spot a scout ant. That’s easy. I squish it. Yes, I admit I have the Thumb of Death.

Drops of peppermint essential oil, I knew,  created some sort of invisible barrier they would not cross. For the hordes invading my house this morning I would have needed a flagon of oil. But I would also need to find their entry point. The cunning little devils were conducting guerilla warfare today. There was no sign of forced entry. The window sills and doorways were clear. And I still had the problem of the dastardly little suckers that were lurking inside.

But first, I had my breakfast of toast and vegemite as I read the morning paper – well, skimmed it actually as I headed to the comic and crossword page. Had a go at the daily Mahjong game on my new phone. Proud owner here of a brand new Kogan Agora. So cool. As I got up from the dining room table my eyes lighted on the skirting board. It was alive with them!


Treading softly like an Indian warrior hunter trailing his prey, I walked the walk of the skirting board, the mantle piece (they were climbing up the post and across the top), the chair rail to the island bar. Behind Yoda the Samurai Fighting Fish’s tank, the bench was teeming with them. Must be their bivouac. And further down, beneath the Nespresso machine, another bivouac. Millions of them!!! It was a fully launched mass attack.

Manning battle stations, I reached for my bottle of Thieves spray, made it double strength and added ten drops of peppermint oil. This was the equivalent of a chemical free nuclear bomb! I backtracked to the skirting board and had a closer look. There! The look out scouts had got lazy. The army was pouring in from behind the skirting board through minute little openings between it and the wall panelling. I had caught them red handed. Or rather, little black legged. Squeezing the trigger nozzle as fast as I could, I rained a deluge of peppermint loaded Thieves spray on them all the way to, and under,  the Nespresso machine.

Peppermint Thieves H'hold cleaner

A holocaust. Dead and dying bodies littered the trail. I grabbed a roll of kitchen paper and mopped them up.  The kitchen rubbish bin proved to be the ideal mass burial ground. Just for good measure I strafed the trail a second time and left it to smoulder whilst I vacuumed and mopped the floors with the same peppermint loaded Thieves spray.

My cunning counter measures and stealth proved to be far too strong a counter attack for the marauding hordes to regroup. The invasion has been stopped in its tracks. And the house smells wonderful.

Thieves Household Cleaner

How to make a bottle of Thieves

Peppermint oil ant repellant


Do yourself a favour and only use 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oil. Personally I prefer to use Young Living essential oils and products as  I know and trust their quality –       Buy some now


© Raili Tanska

Images Pixabay, Raili at Young Living


Have you ever been invaded by ants? How did you deal with it ? I’d love to hear about it….

13 thoughts on “Invasion

    1. Thank you HP. The hand emerged from Pixabay, thank goodness. Otherwise I may have had to subject myself to an unpleasantness. Thanks for the link. I’ll check it out.
      Have a nice porcupine….

  1. Oh, ants! There always used to be a few around my place but they never seemed to intrude, so I thought, OK, live and let live. And if I did occasionally come across too many in the kitchen, I used to select one at random, squash it, and say “Run, run, it’s the Return of the Crazed Ant Killer!” It worked. They did run, and had the sense to keep out of sight for a while.

    But over the last 2 or 3 years, I’ve been plagued by them. They even managed to get into a tightly lidded cake tin. Obviously, drastic measures are called for, so this post is really helpful.

  2. I hate ants. They make my skin crawl! We had a Box Elder bug in our sink tonight. It’s the middle of winter for cryin’ out loud. I asked Drollery if that meant it was going to be an early spring. He has no clue… Sure would like to know where it came from this time of year!

      1. Just a flying crawler. Not dangerous. Don’t bite. Just pesky like a fly. I always catch them and put them outside. Not in the dead of winter, but hey, at least he had a fighting chance out there.

  3. Oh yes, here in Texas we do have sugar ants. Normally, they come in the summer when it’s so hot out. I believe they do this looking for water. They show up mostly around our kitchen sink and in the laundry room. The bad boy ants though here are the Fire ants. Ergo the name because when they bite it feels like fire for a few minutes. And they are aggressive. The bites linger for days itching and if one is allergic they fill up with puss. We loathe Fire ants. Do you have them there as well?

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