What part of YOU is locked inside this house?


Listen closely now and take heed

all ye fair lads and lasses

for I have a tale to tell.

‘Tis  true this sad and sorry tale of yester year,

Fee fie fo fum and fiddle dee dee

I fear this house that is my head

was born deficient

not at all efficient.

Alas, alack, alay

I discovered with dismay

the teeth that lay within it as they age’ed


Woe is me for there is more.

Some so rotten to the core

they could grow no more

so out they came.

What a shame!

Alas, alack, ahum.

Ahum, ahum, ahum….

Whose to blame for such a shame

I hear you say

The villain I do believe

(in my head)

Came Before.

His head that is his house

has pillars white and shiny,

hard as nails.

Of the growing juices he took my share.

He did not care.

In trembling fear I dare to share

This sad and sorry tale.

Alas, alack, a’day.


What can you do to free that part of yourself?



 toy- teeth 668691__180

But wait!

The tale is not here ended.

For I add with glee

Fiddle dee dee

There is a happy telling

To this tale now ending.


hooray , hooray, hooray!

Be they in or out

of this house

that is my head

the teeth do chomp and romp

without a crumble.

Be it noted

that now the tale is close’ed

Fee fie fo fum and fiddle dee dee.


Thanks to calensariel for another interesting  Sandbox Challenge 22

©  Raili Tanska

Images Pixabay and personal album


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8 thoughts on “Teeth

  1. LMBO! This is wonderful! Such an amazing interpretation of the prompt. (I think some of us are having issues with it, me included!) I have to get Fim to come look at this. She’ll love it! So glad you decided to join us. 😀

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