January 2016 Newsletter – grace



Oodles of noodles. That’s what I’ve come up with during this afternoon’s attempt at writing the monthly newsletter. I have been sitting here staring at the screen on and off for most of the afternoon. Waiting for inspiration to pop in. It’s not often I have writer’s block but today seems to be one of those days. I’d wander off. Do something. Come back. Browse for some images. Perhaps that would do the trick.  Look again. No luck.

So I started browsing what I had in My Docs to see if there was anything there I could use or rework. I came across an article I had written some time ago about Plenitude. That seemed to resonate.  Rather than rehash it, I thought I would use the idea to kick-start me into the New Year. And that’s where the word oodles came from. It was one of the dictionary synonyms for plenitude. It does have a certain ring to it. But it really is a bit pedestrian.


Plenitude, on the other hand, offers something more than pedestrian. Perhaps sophistication?  More refined and elegant? It has a ring to it that seems to aspire to more than just lots of ‘stuff’. There’s almost a feel of something other worldly, or spiritual about it. Something that invites me to sit still and contemplate the deeper things of life. What is there in my life that tells me there is  plenitude in it?

I’m going to explore a few of the other synonyms for plenitude to create my list. Let’s see what comes up.


Abundance.  For me this word is about things other than physical stuff. It is about Love from family, friends and Spirit to nurture, support and nourish my Soul. The grace of being blessed with a plenitude of abundance in all its forms fills my heart.

Finnally Launch 047


Boatload. Well, in this family there is a boat. A big one. It has been a part   of our life for nigh on three decades. It has come wrapped up in fun, laughter, challenges, creativity, family closeness, achievement.  A lot of people have wanted to know how we could do it. It’s such a daunting, big project. The answer? Hold the vision. Then take one step at a time to get there. That’s a very simplistic answer of course. There has been so much more than building a boat in this project though.  I have had a plenitude of boatloads of lessons, experiences, challenges and growth from Finnally and what she has brought into my life.



Mountains. I have figuratively climbed many Everests. There have been numerous challenges in my life that have forced me to confront some of my biggest fears. The single most gut-wrenching of these was coming to terms with being unable to have our own biological children. I deeply grieved the loss of a child I would never have. For a very long time. But it brought two awesome children into our family from overseas. We have been privileged with the gift of loving and nurturing these children as our own when their biological families could not. Words are not enough to express what this has meant to us.  I would not have it any other way. There have been other expected and unexpected life events that have thrown me into the deep end of emotional turmoil. The most profound of these has been the death of my parents. A plenitude of mountains that have gifted me with so much.


Myriads. I just have to add miracles.  I have encountered so many of them in my life. The most profound was my father’s  healing. In his early 60’s he was diagnosed with mesothelioma, an inoperable highly aggressive tumour, in the base of one of his lungs. He had helped demolish a transportable house made of blue asbestos some twenty years prior to that. The doctor said he had less than six months to live. Family and friends started prayer circles asking for his healing. The night prior to a lung biopsy, he had an unusual experience.  He described it like an electric current flowing through his entire body from the top of his head to the tips of his toes. The laboratory results reported only scar tissue. He lived for more than twenty years after that. Major and minor myriads of  miracles, a plenitude of them, grace my life.

This has proved to be such an empowering and heartwarming exercise for me! I would urge you to do something similar for yourself. You may be surprised at what surfaces.

May 2016 be a grace-filled year with oodles of noodles in your life!

© Raili Tanska

Images Pixabay and personal family albums


2 thoughts on “January 2016 Newsletter – grace

  1. Hi Raili. With regard to your mention of your dad, I gather that during NDEs (near death experiences), many people recount sensations not dissimilar to that ‘electric current’ he felt. The internet’s full of NDE recollections if you care to go looking. May I also recommend a book to you – Destiny of Souls – by Michael Newton, detailing his past and between life hypnotic regression cases.
    You seem constantly on the verge of the metaphysical. I used to blog about life after death. I wrote a book about someone’s personal experiences after death – nothing fantastical, simply part of the journey of consciousness.
    I don’t believe in miracles; for me the most incredible experiences (like those described during NDEs, and others in Newton’s books) aren’t miraculous, they’re more real than the delusion of ‘realness’ that we’re familiar with in the physical world.

    1. HP, thanks for those suggestions. I have read all of Elizabeth Kubler-Ross’s books. Death and dying, NDE’s were her life’s work. She was one of the early pioneers in that field. And I have read widely and talked to people about their personal experiences including past life regressions etc. Dad’s was not an NDE – he woke up to it in the middle of the night.
      The metaphysical and me? I am not on the verge. I am immersed.I use the word miracle advisedly. For those who do not subscribe to the seemingly impossible being possible, events like Dad’s are miraculous. His doctor could not explain what had happened other than to state ‘it must be a miracle’.
      The Harry Potter books are interesting read in an adult, metaphysical context. We live in the world of the Muggles with many oblivious to what is behind the ‘veil of illusion’.

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