It was her first year at uni. She had just moved to this new city. At nineteen, she was very shy, easily embarrassed. It was difficult for her to make new friends. Just the thought of talking to strangers made her heart thump, her palms sweaty, her mouth dry.  The only people she knew in … More Embarrassed


She was just seven. Much too young to be exposed to such trauma. What she witnessed changed her life forever. Her family was moving – again.  Only two years previously they had moved all the way across the world to a strange new country.  One where everything  was different.  They had settled in well.  Even … More IMPENDING DOOM

Australia Day 2016

Bottlebrush G’day! Strewth,  this post is chockers with strine. For some of  ‘em I reckon you might need to have a  squizz at this here dictionary to get a handle on what I’m gabbing about –  Aussie Slang Today is Straya Day. There’s always big shindigs on the 26th January.  I came here as an … More Australia Day 2016

You smell!

“You smell!” the young shop assistant told me at the cash register screwing up her nose. Not the usual shop conversation you expect to have. But it led us to chat about what the smell was. It reminded her of stuff her sister used to put on her, she said. Like Dencorub, I asked? Yeah. … More You smell!

No, No, Never !!

  No, no, never!  Never no more!  Like Elvis, I have left the building. Closed the door, never to return. What a relief! The pain in my chest Has left The thumping, hard pumping heart ache And swallowing of pills to quell. It too has left the building.   The door that finally closed Was … More No, No, Never !!


I woke up this morning bleary eyed and furry mouthed. The nights have been quite hot. And the days even hotter. Meaning that in order to have any sort of a half decent sleep we need to leave the air conditioner on overnight. We are blessed to have one. Even more so, to be able … More Invasion