Christmas is a time when families and friends exchange presents. The true value of a gift does not come from its monetary value. It comes from the thought and love that has gone into the choosing of it. 


Today, in the Spirit of Christmas, I would like to gift you with this.





I give you an emptiness,

I give you a plenitude,

unwrap them carefully –

one’s as fragile as the other –

and when you thank me

I’ll pretend not to notice the doubt in your voice

when you say they’re just what you wanted.

                          Put them on the table by your bed.

When you wake in the morning

they’ll have gone through the door of sleep

into your head. Wherever you go

they’ll go with you and

wherever you are you’ll wonder,

smiling about the fullness

you can’t add to and the emptiness

that you can fill.


John O’Donohue : Anam Cara

my favourite Celtic poet and author

© Raili Tanska

Images Pixabay

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