Gingerbread collapse




Yes, it collapsed!  The IKEA flatpack gingerbread house. As predicted by Mr Gloom aka the construction engineer aka husband. It was more than a roof collapse. It was a DEMOLITION!

I am devastated! I blame the design flaws  and the weather. Equally. Both issues were covered in some detail in the previous post.

At this stage I am too shattered to think clearly. Recurrence of PTSD after an initial trauma results in less ‘elasticity’ for the individual to recover to normal function. Should there be multiple such traumas, recovery ability plummets to depths unexplored. Having now suffered two such gingerbread house PTSD episodes, I am not at all willing to subject myself to more. Ever.

At present my emotional state is teeter-tottering through the various stages of profound early grief as so ably researched and published in the works of Dr Elizabeth Kübler-Ross. Anger, disbelief, outrage, severe anguish… I am nowhere near the resolution and recovery phase. My hope is that by Christmas I will have recovered sufficiently to put on a brave public face.

Excuse me – I cannot write any more just now, I am too distraught. The image of a collapsed gingerbread house is etched too vividly in my mind.  (sobbing, rush out of room and lock self in bathroom).

© Raili Tanska

PS – the above was written yesterday in an attempt to begin working towards closure. The multiple PS’s are written after a good night’s sleep. You may notice a change in tone.

PPS – going to see the latest release Star Wars movie last night with family proved to be an enjoyable distraction from the day’s events. It was a late viewing so we did not get to bed till well after midnight. I slept peacefully.

PPPS – after reading this morning’s paper I have changed my mind about who has major responsibility for it collapsing. Clearly it is the weather. You will surely agree after you read this additional postscript:

  • Yesterday’s 42.9C was the earliest hottest day of December on record. Pt Augusta, a couple hundred kilometres north of Adelaide had a temperature of 45.2C.
  • The unbroken run of soaring 40C days has never been recorded in the city so early in summer
  • Adelaide was the hottest city I N THE WORLD yesterday
  • A 17 yo carpenter’s apprentice is fighting for his life in hospital due to extreme heat conditions whist working outside
  • A young man left a steak to cook on his car dashboard in a foil tray at 10am. It was ready for his lunch at 12.20pm

PPPPS – note to self: I am more resilient than I gave myself credit for (smiling with relief)! I am well on the way to my normal default setting of optimism. However, I have not changed my mind about revisiting gingerbread house assembly. That may never happen.

© Raili Tanska

Image – personal album

13 thoughts on “Gingerbread collapse

  1. Oh dear, I feared as much. I think you should try again next year. You were so close this time. If the walls of the IKEA gingerbread house hadn’t been cracked and broken, I think it would have worked out. 😉

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