Ode to The Dragon

fire breathing dragon-253539__180

Deep within the bowels

of Terra

it slumbers

the mighty fabled fire-breathing

Dragon Loyal

Winding labyrinths and

yawning caverns

shielding it from prying eyes and strange ones

Awakened by the call of

Nick the Fifty

stirs The Dragon

yawning, stretching

into daylight coming

it awaits the summons

of the one who weaves

 with Words of Magicke

‘Tis a small while ere she’s ready

this current Mistress of The Dragon

Calling forth the touch of

Wizard Wisdom

the Mistress sets a task far-reaching

in its scope and wonder

All The Dragon’s

might and power

will be needed

for its completion

Willingly the Dragon Loyal

accepts the challenge

prepares its fabled fire-power

Seven times

it breathes its fire

shifting shapes to

A Coin of Fifty

A Calligrapher

A Set of Footwear

A Triad of Long Necked Creatures

A Bespectacled and Cappéd Canine

A Frozen Landscape

And An Extraterrestrial

Task completed

pleases both the Mistress and The Dragon

Ever loyal to the call of duty

The Dragon returneth to the bowels of Terra.


© Raili Tanska

Image Pixabay

5 thoughts on “Ode to The Dragon

  1. Yes. A little daunting truth be told. The fire breathing is a tad worrisome. Thankfully I didn’t get scorched! Try calling forth the Spirit of The Triad of Long Necked Creatures, they are yours after all . As far as I know there is no fire in their breath so you’re safe from being scalded 🙂

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