Dragon’s Loyalty Award

dragons award

Guess what? Nick of  Fifty Words Daily nominated Soul Gifts Blog for The Dragon’s Loyalty Award. How exciting – my first ever nomination ! OMG!!!!!!!!!

Hang on! What the heck does that mean? I better find out….

This whole blog awards business is a mystery to me. I’ve seen them around the blogosphere. All different kinds.

Is it a formal WordPress formal thing? I don’t know!

What does it mean? I don’t know!

What is this Dragon loyalty thing anyway? I don’t know!

What do I do next? I don’t know!

If I don’t want it what will happen? I don’t know!

Will Nick get upset if I don’t want it? I don’t know!

Should I accept it? I don’t know!

Is there a formal blog-ceremony if I accept? I don’t know!

If there is, is there a dress code? I don’t know!

How do I find out? I don’t know!

So many I don’t knows! Where do I start? I DON”T KNOW!!!


I’d seen posts on other blogs about them but that was about it. Awards. A mystery, in other words. Once nominated, I had to find out. So I could make an informed decision. I’m a great believer in making informed decisions. I needed to make one about the awards. Whether to graciously accept or not.  If not, what was the etiquette on declining  without shattering the kind-hearted nominator.  If accepted, what were the protocols I needed to follow.

Well, it took a bit of digging to get the information I needed. I read other bloggers’ blogs. I read their comments. It just confused the hell out of me. Some people love them. Others hate them. Others graciously decline. Others think they are just meaningless blog chain letters.

I asked one blogger who had accepted an award for information on what was involved. I was kindly sent a link to another blogger who had had the same dilemma as me. It was an interesting piece of research on the Dragon’s Loyalty Award. But it still left me with some unanswered questions. Well, lots of unanswered questions truth be told.

Thank goodness I found this post by WordPress – Understanding blog awards

So elucidating. So interesting. The post and the comments. OK. I felt a bit more confident. I had more of a handle on this award thing. Just needed a bit more information. Which I found in this post  10 ways to say no to blog awards

I finally felt armed to make a decision. What I did in regard to following the guidelines was up to me. I could choose to follow them to the letter or not. Ok. I like that. It leaves me with flexibility. Decision made.

Yes! I will accept it with gratitude in the spirit in which it was intended. Thank you Nick !

I have decided to bend the guidelines. I’m not all that good with following rules. For example following a recipe as far as I am concerned is just an invitation for innovation.  It doesn’t always work. Some recipes don’t like to be bent.

I have had the privilege of getting to know so many talented bloggers since I  plunged into the deep end with my own blog back in August this year. Who to choose ? It was hard to pick, but here goes.

To those I nominate for an equivalent Dragons Loyalty Award, let me just say that I have chosen you for reasons that will become clear as you read on. Whether you accept or not is fine by me. I think I have a pretty good grasp on the issues these awards raise for people. Here’s my thoughts on what to do next:

  • How many bloggers you choose to bestow the honour on is up to you. The average numbers seem to range from 6 to 15.
  • What, and how many, unknown mysterious facts you choose to disclose or not about yourself – well, that’s up to you. I figure I have already disclosed just about enough of myself. If you want to know more, ask. I’ll happily oblige as long as it’s within confines of decency.


So here goes:


50 c

Fifty cents for  Fifty Words Daily

First, my heartfelt thanks to Nick for the nomination. I love his short fifty word stories. They are like a ten second mini novel. I highly recommend you pop in to his blog and have a read. He visits mine regularly too and leaves his footprint there. Thanks !

Next, I would like to nominate the following fellow bloggers –



Making it write

You are so courageous Jane. Championing the world of addiction through your very personal stories and experiences to improve understanding and recovery is so brave. Baring your heart and soul, your fears, sorrows and anguish to the world is not easy to do. The creativity you bring to your poems with word and imagery is so powerful.  I wish you the very best and hope your voice is heard loud and clear. Thank you for your many visits and thoughts on my posts.



The feathered sleep

 I am so glad I found you in the Blogosphere. You are authentic, hold no punches, and, to top it off, you love FINNS! That’s gotta be good. The boots are for you ‘cos I couldn’t find a Marimekko or Muumi photo that was not copyrighted. (here’s a little trivia for the non-Finns: Marimekko is a famous Finnish textile company. Candice owns a dress made by them. Maybe more than one. She hasn’t told me how many. Muumi is a character in a Finnish children’s story. Candice owns a Muumi book. My kids had a Muumi video and alarm clock when they were little.) I thought these boots were cute. You could interpret walking along the track in many different ways. Like your posts. I’ll leave that to your vibrant  imagination.




 These giraffes are for you, Bun. They are having quite a téte a téte in the giraffe stratosphere. Bun, you are a treasure. Your wit, sarcasm, and ability to turn every day events into comedic sagas is awesome. Legendary even. However, your nose for choosing perfumes for your wife remains questionable. Just saying…. That, of course, is more than counterbalanced by saving your family from being savaged by deadly small spiders lurking in your bathroom. I enjoy the Comment conversations just as much as your scribblings.



World of Horror

 Young man. Old Soul. A blog friend recently discovered. What a delight it is to have made your acquaintance, Amir.  In the short time we have been acquainted you have read an impressive number of my posts. What’s more, you’ve liked them all! I’ve browsed around your blog. Your post on Writing Erotica was – well, how do I put this delicately? For a young man you have an incredibly  profound understanding on the world of intimacy. Don’t get me wrong – Amir has a lot of interesting stuff to say about a lot of things.



Food for Poetryy

 Aishwarya, you are one of my most loyal followers. It seems that it doesn’t matter what I post, your name pops up as one of the first to like it. That is so cool. I particularly enjoy seeing the photographs of your travels around India. As you know, my oldest son was born there. To get to see the country of his birth through the eyes of a person who lives there is so special. In return this is a photograph from my country of birth, Finland, in winter.


Yoda Santa


Cook up a story

Last but not least, Vinny Grette. Your blog is awesome. To write healthy recipes for kids, and make them look über cool, is not easy. To write them based on kid’s stories is just a stroke of genius, I think. I came across you because you liked one of my posts. And then to top it off I discovered you had reviewed a recipe book based on STAR WARS!!! I have tried to find it in book stores here in Australia with no luck. My kids (well, my grown-ups) are in a Star Wars frenzy at present along with half the world.  For anyone interested, this is a link to a recipe for   Yoda Soda    May The Force be strong with you, Vinny !


© Raili Tanska

Images personal album, Pixabay

27 thoughts on “Dragon’s Loyalty Award

  1. Love it! Truthfully I wish the world knew more about Finnish people but then they might try to take the magic away! This may sound off but every Finn i knew seemed not of this world. Maybe the original fairie? Definitely special. I’m honired. And so very glad to have found you beautiful lady♡

      1. You’re some of the most ancient people on earth. I think the Liv Tyler character in Lord of the Rings is based on the Finnish.

  2. Thanks so much for your kind and generous words – like you, I’m new to this whole idea of blog awards but I’m glad you’ve pointed me in the direction of some really interesting blogs through your award post, so I’m thinking on balance they must be a good thing. Anyway, all best wishes (and congratulations!), Nick (PS you’d have to work a whole lot harder than that to offend me!)

    1. I must correct one thing, though… I was “reviewing” the Star Wars Cook Book in the post you referenced. Sadly I was not the one to write it. I think you could probably find it on line on Amazon (used) or Abe books. I personally wrote only one book, the same title as my blog, and available by clicking on the picture in the right margin. Merry Christmas to you in Australia, from the other end of the earth!

  3. When you nominated me for this award I was unable to look at this post because my son was ill and traumatised, and in addition, I kept losing my internet connection. Whenever it connected I would quickly post a poem which I’d written and saved in my documents, and respond to as many comments as I could before I lost it again. I’ve finally sorted out the internet problem – my WiFi gadget was on the blink, and although Paul is still in trauma, he’s sleeping now, so I’m able to focus.
    I came straight here and now I wish I wasn’t an award-free blog. You have cut through to the true spirit of blog awards by taking the trouble to commend your nominees, giving the reasons for your choices. Thank you for your generous words about me and my writing. I feel ungrateful for turning down the nomination.
    You are a remarkable woman, and this is a heart-warming post.

    1. Thank you Jane. I’m so glad to hear that Paul is resting more easy now. Hopefuly he will continue to improve.
      Internet is a frustrating challenge. Mine is still dodgy, but that’s the cabling underground.
      I can understand why people choose to be award free, so please don’t feel bad. I wanted to accept this first one – well, because it is a first one; because it is from a fellow blogger who I have a high regard and respect for. But I could not accept it without going the extra mile as it seemed to have an important something missing. Would I do it again? I’m not sure.

      1. Paul is a hypochondriac, which doesn’t help. It means that when he’s genuinely ill he panics, fearing he is dying, and it’s difficult to combat irrational fear.
        I’ve had the silliest idea. It would be great to start up an award-free blogger’s award/non-award. I love paradox.

  4. You can’t combat irrational fear because it is irrational. The best you can do is offer support and symptom management. It can be exhausting when it’s at its worst, both for him and you.
    Sounds like an interesting idea. I’m trying to get my head around it. Quirky, out of the ordinary things fascinate me. I would love to hear what you would do, if you decide to explore it further…

  5. I totally admit that the word dragon got my attention. I personally don’t know how I feel about the awards thing. I have been nominated a few times. I choose not to do them. I have done one, only because one blogger was spamming my blog. I figured if I did it, they would stop.

  6. Hi Raili, I’ve just come across your blog via Kellysdiy. Your confusion on blog awards, and investigation into them has been enlightening. I was nominated for a couple a few years ago and was so confused as to what to do. It went into the to hard basket as I recall. It’s nice to see someone else struggled with what the awards mean, and what’s involved in accepting one.

    1. Hi Chris, welcome! I’m glad you found the info helpful. In the end I made my blog Awards Free as it all got a bit too much. I’m not convinced that they are worth the time and effort to be honest. Perhaps the original intent was, but like many a good thing, it has morphed into something else.

      1. I think you are absolutely correct. It definitely has become a bit of a thing, and ya just gotta wonder, ‘what the heck’, with a dramatic eye roll.

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