Joy? ‘Tis this and so much more – The hand of a small child trustingly placed in mine The pitter patter of four little paws following my every step The morning chorus greeting the dawning of a new day The sweet scent of roses filling the air The burst of flavours erupting from first picked … More Joy


    Leave imprints in  my heart touching my Soul gifting me with Love Some fleetingly Others Life-long Each  precious Each moment  forever etched in my Soul © Raili Tanska Image Pixabay

A Winter’s Day

    It was snowing and windy. The air was bone-chillingly cold and daylight was fading. Darkness came early this time of year. I wrapped my coat as tightly around myself as I could trying to prevent the cold from seeping in any further. I wound the thick woollen scarf around my neck, tucked the … More A Winter’s Day


Christmas is a time when families and friends exchange presents. The true value of a gift does not come from its monetary value. It comes from the thought and love that has gone into the choosing of it.    Today, in the Spirit of Christmas, I would like to gift you with this.   PRESENTS … More Presents

Hyvää Joulua

KIITOS  – HYVÄÄ JOULUA JA ONNELLISTA UUTTA VUOTTA What the?! This is a blog posted in English isn’t it? Yes, it is. I’m just breaking with tradition this once. I know, it seems to be happening a bit with me lately what with Christmas trees and gingerbread houses and all. So just what are those words … More Hyvää Joulua