The Delete Button



The delete button is my best friend. Or so I thought until recently.

I’ve had occasion to use it a lot lately as part of an ongoing decluttering of files and folders clogging up my laptop. And a new determination to keep all incoming data under control. No more saving stuff ‘just in case I need it’ or to read ‘later’ because it looks interesting.

Determined to keep my data under control, I have been using it diligently. And, in hindsight, a little carelessly. Well, OK, a lot carelessly.

You see, I have permanently lost stuff! Stuff that I did not mean to delete until I had checked it out properly. In some sort of altered state of mind, I have hit the delete button. I had been transferring photos from my phone to my photo albums. From there, they would be sifted and sorted. A back-up would be created on USB. And I would have only the very best photos stored on my camera. To show off to anyone in the least bit interested in what the cutest dog in the world looks like.


Anyway, as I was saying, that was the plan. Until I hit the delete button for the camera photos. It was still plugged in to the laptop.  All the photos on my phone evaporated into wherever they evaporate to. Being pragmatic, I was not overly concerned as I still had the photos stored on my laptop. I would sort them more carefully given that was now the only place they were in.

Delete button 2

Blogging I have discovered, has created a need for regular maintenance. Especially of the spam folder. I have resolved not to let it get out of hand. So late one night last week, I discovered I had the most ever comments in spam. Experience has taught me that 99% of it is just what it says – Spam! The other 1% can be pure gold. So I opened the folder. The first page was all spam.  I was in that zone – you know, the altered one. I hit the empty spam button. Only to return to the Now Moment real quick!

I might as well have been punched in the gut by Mohammed Ali. Hard. Desperately I looked for an undo option. On my keyboard. On the screen. Anywhere. Please dear God! I probably had a pure gold comment in there I had not found yet. And what’s more, I couldn’t follow  blogging etiquette and say thank you for your visits, or post a smiley face. I felt socially inept and rude. So if you have been looking for one of those in response to your comment, please accept my deepest and most humble apologies.

It was relentless. The round thingy just kept going round doing its thing. Diligently emptying my spam folder. Permanently deleting. When it finished it courteously told me x number of spam had been permanently deleted. And that the spam folder now was empty.

I am still traumatised. The delete button is no longer my best friend. More like a dangerous cobra about to strike. I treat it with extreme caution.




© Raili Tanska

Images Pixabay

6 thoughts on “The Delete Button

  1. The delete key can be a menace at times. I did something a bit similar a few years ago when I thought I’d backed up all my photographs to a disk and could therefore delete the versions on my computer, only… 😦

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